Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wet Palettes and Custom Inks

I do not know how many, if any of you use this, but I have found that the more highlighting I do the more I like to use a wet palette. Here is an easy to follow article about building your own. I actually do not use the wax baking paper, I purchased actual wet palette paper, but I may use a few sheets of it between my paper and the sponge. Otherwise I did exactly what is done in the article.
Using a wet palette has really helped me with my crude highlighting and limited time. I can make my highlight shade, do one model, then come back later( usually the next day ) and begin another model and still get the same shade.
As far as inks go, I have come to really like the GW brown( which they no longer make) and tried many different things over the past year without much success. Now comes this. If only this was written a year ago. I tried this recipe, using liquitex inks, and have been pleased with the results. Now I have a big bottle of black ink and a big bottle of sepia ink. I wonder how long it will take me to get through them? FWIW you can buy liquid ink in smaller sizes but they do not come with droppers.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SBG rules for the Fallen Realms release

Quick rundown provided by GrashnarTheSecond from The Last Alliance renewed, but no points cost yet. On another note, one can now order 2 2x2 flat sections of the realm of battle game board separately from the entire board itself. Ordering 3 2x2 sections is $20 cheaper than the whole board, no hills of course, but are non movable hills worth $20?

Haradrim Taskmaster: Nothing surprising, a Haradrim version of the Orc Taskmaster. Stats of a Haradrim Chieftain and the special rule of the Orc Taskmaster.

Golden King of Harad: Fights as a single model with two-handed weapon (no -1 penalty!), counts as a banner, has a special rule that allows him to spend Will in order to "bribe" enemy heroes. Basically, this means that if they have to take a courage test, their courage is reduced by 1 for every point of Will the King spends. The King can use this ability before or after the dice for the test are rolled.

Abrakhan Guard: F4, S4 Haradrim Warriors with two-handed weapons that do not receive a -1 penalty on Fight rolls.

Dragon Knight: Cheapish combat hero that can shield with his swords. If he ever gets knocked down, he manages to hold his ground on a 4+ and doesn't fall over. Doesn't have Stand Fast! and nobody can benefit from his Heroic Actions.

War Priest: Fury for Easterlings (including Khamul), has a spell that gives target model Strength 6 for the remainder of the turn.

Black Guard Captain: Standard Uruk-hai Captain in heavy armour with shield. Gets courage 6 if Sauron or a Ringwraith is on the table.

Black Guard Drummer: Orc Drummer with S5.

Black Guard: Surprisingly, only D6. No special rule. Standard Isengard ( he must have meant mordor) Uruks with shields, except that they have Strength 5 and are more expensive.

Kardush: Shaman with only D4, 2 attacks and 1 wound. Fury and casts Strength 6 Fireballs on a 3+. Can sacrifice an Orc to regain D3 Will. Can be sacrificed to give a Ringwraith D6 Will. (note how fun is that..."hey you generic orc come here I want to show you something.....-cut- ..I feel so much better...FIREBALL".)

The Betrayer: Bane of Kings. Models with poisoned weapons or poisoned arrows must reroll on a 1 or 2 rather than a 1. Casts compel and transfix on the same value.

Knight of Umbar: This guy blows Khamûl out of the water. Doesn't have to give up Will if the wins the Fight. He may freely choose to use his opponent's Fight Value, Strength or Attacks value in any combination when in combat. For example, he can choose to use his own Strength and the enemies Fight or Attacks, he can choose to use just his own values or he can choose to use all three of his opponent's values. (Or any other possible combination).

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Next up for WotR

at the new Last Alliance is a post regarding new release for LotR.

Hey guys just a heads up, at the end of this months (octobers) WD article about the new fallen realm stuff, there is a little sentace just mentioning that rohan will be reciveing the next lot of reinforcments, along with a couple of things from isengurad

Friday, September 18, 2009

New releases for mordor and fallen realms-Pics

On the front page of The One Ring, not up on the US version of the GW website.
One Ring

I like the black guard but having big shields kinda goes against that whole berserk(WotR not SBG) thing to me. I like the Easterling command but am I missing the musician? I really like Kardush. The Golden King and the Harad command are also pretty nice ( fat men walking !).

Edit: Easterling has no musician but comes with a shaman and a dragon knight.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We need to tie our various games into a campaign. I put forth the following thoughts.

1. Represent win/loss with a map. It does not need to be of Middle Earth but can be. We should also consider the Mighty Empire hex tile campaign system. (We can all chip in and split a set or two and each be responsible for painting your share).
2. Wins give you option to expand territory or improve existing territory. (Might Empires has mines, fortress, city for example.)
3. Our games have too often been ties. We need to have more definitive games. With SBG perhaps smaller games so we can finish. Or perhaps go with WotR?
4. Multiplayer games should be permissible. Perhaps award 2 points for individual win along with team win (in multiplayer games) and 1 point for individual wins (singles or multiplayers).
5. The campaign should not impact each game, meaning all players enter each game with equal footing regardless of how they are doing in the campaign.
6. The campaign should not penalize players who cannot play every week nor should the campaign limit those who can play regularly.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Battle report-Fords of the Isen

Posted at my groups Blog.


Battle report-Fords of the Isen
Scenario from WotR with modifications: 1500pts per side.

Rohan(Theodred/Arwen/Eowyn/Haldir) and Grey Company/Elves(Thranduil/Aragorn)
Mordor(Gothmog/Khamul) Fallen Realms(Shadow Lord)

Lots of death and carnage.

Turn 1 priority Good
On the far north Aristo charged up with Arwen.
I lost a siege bow before the end of the first turn( thank you natures wrath ).
Moved moranons to help cover the north. Aristo was moving Theodred up the middle ford. 2nd siege bow takes out 4 rohan infantry.

Turn2 priority Good
Formation of orcs with 2 handed weapons moves into south ford, gets shot at and has to move back 3 inches.Arwen casts Entagle on moranons with Khamul. Moved Gothmog and Black guard into the middle ford along with 5 companies of warg riders. Khamul castes visions of woe, enfeble and wings of terror. Aristo charges and loses 2 heroes( Eowyn/Arwen) and an entire rohan cav formation in this turn. He charged into the moranon orcs which contained kahmul. Kahmul won the Heroic Duel with Eowyn thanks to Epic Strike. A combination of spellcasting and a counter charge by harad to his flank was deadly. Arwen fled :).

Turn3 priority evil
Mostly shuffling and a little shooting in the round meant the loss of one of theodreds knight (which was joined by thranduil), while moranons and mahuds/halftrolls moved up the northern ford. Moved a formation of orcs with 2 handed weapons in the south ford into terrain and a formation of mahud was entering the south ford.
Theodred charged the Warg riders who, because of thranduil promptly failed their courage test and were reduced by 1 company but saved themselves by rolling a 6 for the panic test, but the River Isen took another warg rider. Thranduil suffered no losses.

Turn 4 priority evil
Evil shooting did nothing, orcs with 2handed weapons in defensible terrain between the south and middle fords too afraid to leave with an elf around. A heroic charge was called by Theodred and countered by Gothmog but the black gaurd could not fit into the ford so he called epic defense. Thranduil promptly frightened the bejesus out of the remaining warg riders, dispatched them and charged into Gothmog and 2 companies of Black Guard. Even with D9 lances hurt, and I swear Aristo has magic dice. Lost 5 while he lost only one The river took another 2. Still stunned at this point after the loss of an entire formation of warg riders due to being charged by terror causing elf, yes, elf, not plural. Lost a lot of black gaurd to same elf even with defense 9 and needing 6/4 to wound. Black Gaurd had to back up 1 inch.

Turn 5 priority evil
Moved Gothmog to moranons with kahmul, should have moved khamul to Black gaurd. Lost the second siege bow (thank you natures wrath). Galadrim knights came up the middle to protect the rear of Theodred/Thranduil and charged orcs in terrain. Shadowlord casts spell ( can't remember what ).Harad shooting does nothing, moranons and harad move further to the other side of the north ford. Hails of arrows reduce black gaurd by 2 more. They charge into Theodred. They lose 1 more I lose 2, river takes rest. Theodred is in full retreat. Orcs with 2 handed weapons take out 2 knights while losing a company, I thought that was pretty good.

Turn 6 Priority good. Natures wrath kills remaining orcs in terrain. Lots of shooting from grey company kills some harad in the north.( we forgot about shadow lord special rule here). Moranons move up . Harad engaged rohan and take some losses, river does huge damage.

At this we had to call it because we have jobs. Pretty much a draw, evil had north and south fords and rohan was on the hurt.

some notes:

My magic was going well.
I need to remember to move kahmul to a company being attacked.
Gothmog does rock....." i'm sorry, you called what with might...oh yeah me too, for free."
I think I like 2 hnd weapons, but defense 3 blows.
Natures wrath really hurts if you are defensible terrain. ( does it work in buildings? ).
Shooty armies are not that great if your target is D6 or higher.


Monday, July 27, 2009

New Ringwraiths

Here is a post on warseer with pictures of the new mini's for the betrayer and the knight of umbar.
Here is the link to the post not the thread.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am guess blogging about BFG at Bells of Lost Souls.

My first post is here. My next post will likely about the turn sequence and the one after that will be about the models. Afterward I will likely post about each fleet lists.

Monday, July 13, 2009

BFG Game at Hobby Town July 18th

A few of us (me, the Bennetts, and the Lesers) are planning to play BFG at Hobbytown this Saturday from 10AM to 3PM or so. Join us if you want to learn more. I should have enough models for all to play at least 500 points.

A total of 8 of us showed up for BFG today, myself, the Bennetts (3), the Lesers (2), Chris and Harry. Harry is from Albany NY in town visiting friends. Somehow he found us on the web and showed up with 1000 pts worth of very nicely painted Chaos cruisers. I thought it was perfect as he allowed us to play four on four. I hope the next time he comes we can all set up another BFG game.

As it turns out, some other 40k players also declare themselves BFG players. It would be great if we can set up a club head to head competition!

We played 3.8k per side and had a great time.

The scenario was Fleet engagement; we chose Wedge and Chaos chose Cross. The two fleets deployed on long edges parallel to each other facing opposite direction. This prevented the Imperial fleet from charging Chaos with its armored prow. We did what we could to maneuver toward the enemy but seemingly always one arc behind. This led me to realize that Imperium should not try to come directly toward their opponent but should instead come on at a converging angle so that the current enemy ships are toward the one corner of our front arcs, expecting that once the enemy ships move, they will remain in the other corner of our front arc.

Previously I have also been reluctant to leave bomber markers on the table because of fear of being taken out. However, I think that the chances they will be taken out by ship fire is remote (requiring 6s to hit). When enemy carriers launches fighters to take out your bombers they aren't launching bombers or assault boats against my ships. In addition, interesting enough, damages taken by attack crafts are renewable (with re-rolls) similar to shields. By having bombers out, I have alsos extended the range of my bombers to 40cm per turn.

Final thought, the obvious thought. Concentrating fires to cripple ships is more effective than spreading fires across many ships' shields.

Monday, June 29, 2009

HobbyTown Update

Michael C (Aristo):
"Spoke to a new employee at Hobbytown on Saturday afternoon. He said his job is to handle all the people interested in Games Workshop stuff. He himself is big into 40k. He seemed supportive of idea to stay open til 9 pm, also to get group terrain and more standing tables for people to use as well as obtain more merchandise to sell. "

Sunday, June 14, 2009


As most of you know by now, we no longer has access to HobbyTown after 8pm. What this means is that

1. All current gaming nights (Thursdays) will have to be privately hosted. As we previously decided, gaming host decides the game and scenario being played.

2. As long as this works, we should be alright. But one of the reason we went with HobbyTown is to be visible, thus able to recruit new players into our group. If we want to do so, we will have to play on a weekend afternoon. Maybe once a month?

3. We might also want to revisit the idea of dues if this can help us maintain a desireable gaming venue

Monday, June 1, 2009

WotR Shopping Consideration

A thought on buying models for WotR. The current rules give 10 factions to play, and allows taking any combination of formations within each factions. But I suspect that there will be more detailed books for each factions as they did with SBG-LotR. If so, these books may place additional restrictions on what combinations are allowable. For instance, you may not be able to mix Gondor with Arnor for instance, or Corsairs with Khand. Please keep this in mind as you formulate your army roster and decide what to buy next. It may be better to be a theme purist with your army composition, at least for a while (to say 1000 points).

Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, I have had various failures using spray primers, typically from over/under spraying and I have been looking for a paint on primer of some sort. So I ran across this article Priming with gesso. So I went down to my local art supply store and bought a bottle of the black gesso. You can also get white and tint it to any color you want. So far I have primed about 20 models and learned a little bit.

1. you don't have to dilute it 2. you should not just glop it on like the article says because you can get air bubbles in the gesso which can cause little pits when it dries as well as pooling at the bottom of arms, etc. 3. Use a good brush, I tried a cheap brush and it left a lot of bubbles. 4. most if not all of the bubbles go away. 5. you will never use that brush for anything else ever again.

I really like using it, it takes the guess work of using spray primers(humidity/space/coverage) out of priming. I would not use it as a base coat though. So far I have applied some paint over these gessoed models and the coverage is just like painting over any other primer. You can also fix any areas that you might have missed/under covered. Over coverage is almost impossible since you are literally painting the stuff on. However you can't go and prime 20+ models in a couple of minutes, but for me, unless I am doing a bunch of similar/same models that is not really a problem. I tend to work on 3-4 at a time.

If you are looking for an example of what I call bubbles/pits, go to the link and scroll down the the pictures of the Urban Mammoth Junkers Convict Legionary where the black gesso was "glopped" on. Look at the detail picture of the shield, if you look at the "elbow" of the bird you will see those little pits I was talking about. Remember that this is not completely dry yet so the pits will probably shrink, but not disappear all together.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gaming Nights

Currently, with WotR as well as LotR SBG Battle Companies, we are tentatively looking at the following gaming schedule at Hobby Town.

1st Thursdays: WotR, 500 points.

3rd Thursdays: LotR Battle Company

5th Thursdays: BFG, 40k, or Fantasy Battle.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WotR so far

Since fracas posted his comments I thought I would post mine as well.

1. Magic is a potent addition to an army, the nazgul are particularly good for magic but must be protected. This means that they must keep enemy hero formations at bay, typically with transfix, if that fails one can still move them to a different formation for protection. Black breath is useful on enemy heroes as well, reducing their fight/courage so they are weak and the company can no longer use those stats in combat. Good for keeping most humans from charging terror causing companies.

2. Warg riders are frickin shweet. For 25(20+5) points they can have shields(d5) and they come with throwing weapons(strength 4 btw). Add a captain and they can do an at the double with no penalties(movement or courage) since they would probably be outside 6 inches needed for the 1/2 movement and -1 courage rules. All this and they can still cause damage before they charge the enemy (providing they are within 6 inches for the TW at the end of their movement).

3. I am not sold on bows yet. I think one needs a large formation to make them effective. And once one is able to have a large formation of bows ( high point(s) games )your enemy will have more points anyway.

4. However I am sold on the smaller siege equipment, they can do some serious damage and have the potential to be monster killers.

5. If you have a hero magic user you can perform an at the double to get within spell range. They are able to cast at ANY point in the move phase. Remember the formation uses the heroes courage value for this roll.

6. More than one captain in a large formation is a must since over the course of the game might will be needed to resist magic.

7. I disagree with fracas, Epic heroes can not join the mumak (or any other monster).

8. Ambushers seem like a great way to get in behind enemy lines but most of these formations for good are rare, evil has more common companies with the ambush rule.

As far as mordor goes, Morannon orcs seem to be the best common formation of infantry while warg riders best for cav (possibly morgul knight but for some stupid reason they are allies). Misty mountains are probably going to be a sleeper giant, some weak companies and some regular ones that are still cheap.....cave drake the hero eater...awesome...just awesome. Druzhag, summon beast(spiders are best?) behind/beside your foes. Cave troll, cheap, fast, 3 attacks and still hard to kill.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gaming Night 05/07/09: WotR

Five of us showed up at Hobbytown tonight and four of us played WotR with about 500 points each. We spent 2 hours playing two turns, struggling to look up the rules of each step of play. My impressions and lessons are as follows, in no particular orders.

1. Epic hero vs same hero's legendary formation. There cannot be more epic heroes than normal (without upgrade) models in a company. Therefor it is risky to put epic heroes into a cavalry formation because he cannot go into the command company, and can only company up with another normal model. If that company loses one model (the normal model) the whole company is removed. So the same epic hero may be better in a legendary formation as its captain instead. Or put epic heroes into infantry formations only. epic hero can be moved from one formation to any other

2. It remains unclear to me optimal number of companies per formation. So far I am leaning to four for cavalry and 2-4 for infantry. Know the difference between formations and companies.

3. Infantry formations are better able to handle flank and rear charges than cavalry. Cavalry can be charged from the front and still do ok, but they are best as the chargers.

4. Shootings consists of 3 parts. firstly the numbers of dice to roll depends on the number of models and the company's shoot value. Secondly determine what each dice value needed through a strength vs defense analysis. Finally, determine if drive back occurs.

5. Choose the spearhead company that will allow flank charges if possible; the other formation will follow. Always roll to charge even if you are clearly within range because a roll of 6 gives you combat bonus in the ensuing fight. Also, if a 1 is rolled no charge occurs at all!

6. Fight combat modifiers are per company, not per formation.

Next club gaming night at Hobby Town will be 05/21/09 and we will likely play WotR 500 points per player.

update: one more interesting thought.
7. I think Epic heroes such as a ringwraith can joint any formation, including a Mumak!

Game Night

Well, since this is the first thursday and I have not played in 3 weeks, I will be at Hobby Town. If you want to try out WotR and you have a copy of the rules I will be happy to play that. Otherwise a 1v1 700pts would be nice.

Monday, May 4, 2009

War of the Ring

Picked up my copy of WotR last week and have been looking over it, mostly the army list sections. There are a couple of things we as a club needs to decide on.

1. What will be our game size? Should we start at 500 points and go up by 500 points increments?

2. The Mahud army that Casey runs is no longer legal as they are rare units (you cannot have more rare units than common units). I am fine with allowing him to treat Mahud as common for now so he can continue to play as he decide what to do next.

3. Since we frequently play multiplayers, perhaps we should formalize some agreement so as not to field multiple unique units (legendary formation or epic hero). Thoughts?

Monday, April 27, 2009

BFG Event at Hobby Town May 16th

We are trying to get together at Hobby Town on Saturday May 16th at 130 pm to play BFG. Those that have models bring 500 points. Those that don't I'll provide 500 points worth of models.

Speaking of models check out these pics:


GothicComp is an annual competition of BFG models. For more info on the 2009 competition go here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

BFG Event

I am thrilled at the positive response to last gaming night's BFG intro. I am contemplating another BFG event, but this time on a weekend afternoon so as to not interfere with the impending start of our LotR campaign. Tentative date would be either Saturday May 9, May 16, or Sunday May 17. Sunday may be better as I understand there is a gatherings of 40k players on Saturdays.

Thus far we have a few players with fleets.
Jeff: Imperial Navy, 500 pts
Matt: Chaos, 500 pts
Daniel: Space Marine, 500 pts
Chris B: Imperial and Chaos, 1000 pts each.
Eric M: Necrons, 1000 pts?
Huan: Imperial and Chaos, 2500 pts each.

We will be teaming up with 500 points fleet each. All are welcome to attend and as seen above, I have plenty of models, I will lend out 500 points fleet to any one who doesn't have models ready to play.

Gaming Nights: Next and Beyond

Next gaming night will be 04/30/09 at Hobby Town. Expect low turn out.

Most of us have decided that instead of going on an every other Thursday schedule, we would instead adhere to 1st, 3rd, and possibly 5th Thursdays at Hobby Town. This will be an easier schedule for all to remember.

Naturally we are all free to set up additional gaming time as desired.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Battle Campaign

1. Legion rules for SBG (this counts for terrain as well), 3rd age heroes only as your general. Your general can not change from game to game, if he is killed in a game then he is gone for good but you may replace his points. Everyone chooses a home base related to their army list. Bases are listed under the region, one player per base.

2. Military campaign: Eight battles for each player. At the end the side with the most wins in each region wins that region, the side with the most regions wins the campaign.

3. The point system: (see bottom) determines the overall winner. I will buy movement trays from WotR for the overall point winner; one infantry package and one cavalry package.

4. Bases (pick one that matches your army best you can)

a. Good: Ithilien, Minas Tirith, Arnor, Iron Hills, Lothlorien, Rivendell, Dol Amroth, Edoras, Grey Havens, Thranduil.

b. Evil: Minas Morgul, Harad, Isengaurd, Balchoth, Dol Guldur, Black Gate, Far Harad, Moria, Angmar

Regions followed by base list in that region


Minas Morgul, Ithilien, Harad, Minas Tirith


Arnor, Iron Hills, Isengaurd, Balchoth(easterlings), Lothlorien, Rivendell, Dol Guldur, Moria


Minis Tirith, Black Gate, Dol Amroth, Edoras, Minas Morgal, Far Harad


Harad, Far Harad, Dol Amroth, Ithillien


Balchoth(easterlings), Iron Hills, Black Gate, Thranduil, Lothlorian, Angmar


Dol Gulder, Moria, Arnor, Angmar, Rivendell, Edoras, Grey Havens, Isengaurd

5. Your battle company does not have to be related to your army for convenience sake. i.e. you can have a hobbit battle company and a gondor army or a harad BC and a dol guldur army.

6. For good players Saruman the white is playable if you are not vs Isengaurd, if you are he may be replaced with Radagast or whoever you see fit.

7. To start a game: good and evil roll off, whichever gets the higher roll then can choose a region to battle in.

a. Looking at the region base list, if both player bases are on that regions base list the roll off winner rolls a dice for a scenario in legions. Players fight with their 600pt army with battle company coming in as per page 17 of the battle companies rules(no extra points given for a win/loss/draw because the BC is with your 600pts, but they can gain experience etc). I don’t have legions(who has my copy anyway?) if someone could come up with a dice scheme for scenario’s that would be great.

b. If your two bases are not in the same region then you fight with your battle companies first (roll off winner roll for scenario in BC handbook, NOT legions). Whoever loses the BC fight picks a scenario in legions. This battle is fought with your 600pt armies and your remaining BC joins as per page 17 of the BC rules. A win with a battle company in this manner gives the opportunity for more points because you can win twice, once with the BC and once with your army+BC.

8. It would be great if everyone had two armies/BC’s to help balance good/evil but I understand if you can’t. Having two BC may be a bit much as well, so everyone please claim a side, be you good or be you evil, for you MUST choose……for now at least.

9. This should not preclude us from doing a mega style battle and incorporating it in somehow. A WotR battle to replace a SBG game is fine with me but you will have to fight with your BC’s separately.

10. In the event of a tie for regions and or points, mega battle to decide the winner.

11. You can play on the weekends as long as you tell me the result. I will be posting it on the website http://richmondwarmancers.blogspot.com.

Points Scale

Major Victory 20pts

Minor Victory 15pts

Draw 10pts (battle company win)

Minor Loss 5 pts (battle company draw)

Major Loss 0pts (battle company loss)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gaming Night 04/16/09: BFG

About 5 to 6 of us played an intro game of BFG tonight. I thought it was a good showing. I think there has been enough interest for another BFG gaming night. If the regular club LotR gaming get into campaigning and interests in BFG remain up, we might want to consider an alternative time for BFG (once a month?).

Some thoughts from tonight:
Planetary gravity well: free turn toward the planet only at the beginning and or end of the movement phase.

Fleet interests:
Huan: Imperial, Chaos, and Tau (to be painted)
Chris: Imperium and Chaos
Eric: Necron (to be painted)
Daniel: wants Space Marine
Matt: wants Chaos
Jeff: ?

BFG resources:
Warp Rift BFG fan community magazine
Port Maw
and my favorite forum: BFG on Warseer

Alternative Models:
For anyone contemplating a Tyranid fleet, many gamers have bought the Tyranid 40k warrior set and the customized the models for BFG use.
Other companies (non GW) include
Spartan Games
Babylon 5 ships

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just a heads up about Thursday 4/16. For those of you playing LotR we will be using battle companies. If you can, bring one good and one evil company, if you can't we will work with it. I have posted the first pages of the battlecompanies pdf, get it now before GW calls google :). (edit: dammit, they are posted backwards..start at the bottom)
There will also be some battlefleet gothic going on, I know that there was at least one person who has dropped by Hobbytown looking for a game, hopefully he will show again go here for info.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some more terrain

As most of you know I have been looking at getting terrain. More specifically getting ready to go terrain, because those trees took wayyyy too long to do :). Most of you have already seen the two ready hills I got from woodland scenics http://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/index.cfm .
I came across another two places. Some of you may have heard of them before, if so stop reading and work on your battle companies:) .One is called war torn worlds http://www.wartornworldsstore.com/ and the other is the War Zone http://www.war-zone.com/. Both of these shops offer finished terrain for 25mm model gaming. It is of course tough to judge the quality on teh internets but I am more concerned about saving myself some time than super high quality. The prices all seemed reasonable and they both have a variety of stock.

On another note, the GW ozzy site that I talked about before with all those great terrain articles is gone. Looks like when GW did an update for WotR it erased them. That also means that the battle company rules were taken with the terrain articles. If someone needs copies shoot me an email and I can get them too you.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Middle Earth Map

btw, the GW code for War of the Ring is 60041499026

Gaming Night 04/02/09 and 04/16/09.

Twelve people showed up last night for a big bash. (We picked up another refugee from GW Stony Point last night.) Again the result was pretty much a draw. Two considerations are currently being explored, that of playing battle-company campaigns and or War of the Ring, both with the thought the game would go by faster thus the result would be more definitive.

For all interested in War of the Ring, it is to be released this month so perhaps we should place an order with Hobbytown (for good will). I inquired about this last night and to do so, we will need to know the GW catalogue number. I will add this to the post later.

For 04/16/09 two games will be featured, that of Battlefleet Gothic and LotR Battle companies. See you then.

Monday, March 23, 2009

LotR: Battle Company Rules

Dear all,

I have thoroughly enjoyed continuing to game with all of you and thus far I think we've been successfull at establishing a group of players that are committed to continuing to play.

Several months ago, Huan and I were talking about ways we could create an ongoing campaign with our LOTR armies. I am very much interested in doing that and in order to maximize our fun in that regard, I invite you to look at these BATTLE COMPANY RULES I finally found from the GW site. Follow link below.

Battle Company Rules

This allows you to create a roster of individualized heroes and warriors amid a larger force and track and modify them over time. Please take a look if you get the chance and perhaps we could incorporate these rules into a campaign in the very near future.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gaming Night 04/02/09 & 04/16/09

With an every other week schedule, our next 2 gaming nights are April 2nd and 16th. As far as I know, nothing special is planned for the 2nd.

The 16th will be Battle Fleet Gothic Introduction night. Go here for the basic rule, and the "Ships of the Gothic Sector" for the ship profiles. I will provide everything else needed to play.

The Imperial fleet will consist of:
the Lauviah Dictator class attack carrier
the Harbonah and Zaphkiel Tyrant class attack cruisers
the Melchisedec Dauntless class light cruiser

The Chaos fleet will consist of:
the Arioch Devastation class attack carrier
the Gamaliel and Kushiel Carnage class attack cruisers
the Beleth Slaughter class fast cruiser

Each player well control one ship or so. I will try to get there by 530p so we can start playing by 600p.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gaming Night: Introduction to Battle Fleet Gothic

I want to get a feel of who all is interested in trying out Battle Fleet Gothic. I will provide all the models for the game and will moderate the rules. Currently I have an Imperium and a Chaos fleet. Each participants will get command of one cruiser.

Please let me know your interest so I can general the fleet list and scenario. I am projecting some time in April. Thanks.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gaming Night 03/19/09

I have been pre-occupied with other activities of late and missed our last gaming night on 02/26/09. My understanding is that we will next meet at Hobby Town on 03/19/09. If I am wrong please let me know. So far opinion has it that we do every other Thursday at Hobbytown.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Club Night Poll

Currently we are meeting at Hobbytown every other thursday nights at 530p/6p. This makes the next meeting 2/26/09.

Question: Should we meet
A. Every other Thursdays?
B. First, third, and fifth Thursdays?
C. Second and fourth Thursdays?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gaming Night 02/26/08

Next club gaming night will be 2 weeks from last night.
Again points are as follow:
LotR = 700 pts (but we may want to revise this down if it is a megabattle format)
40k = 1750 pts
FB = 2000 pts
BFG? =

About 7-8 people showed up last night and stayed till a bit before 9P. Lots of terrain pieces were brought. Most played LotR but 2 played 40k. I think it was a good show for our first club gaming night.

BTW, I recently bought the Axis & Allies Anniversary edition. Up to 6 players can play (Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USA, USSR and possible China?). Let me know if there is interest in this one night.
Rules and info can be found here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gaming Night 02/12/09

Next gaming night will be February 12, 2009. Please comment on your attendance and game.

In addition to your army, please bring 1-2 pieces of terrain.

LotR @ 700pts
40k @ 1750pts
? FB @ 2000pts
? BFG @ ?

LotR: per Legions of Middle Earth (LME)
40k: per main rule book

Thursday, January 29, 2009

1st Meeting Summary

We had a great show out for our first meeting and many details were worked out.

1. We will be meeting at Hobbytown on Broad every Thursday night at 6pm unless specified otherwise. Gaming will be open format for now.

2. Gaming night will be posted here for everyone to comment on regarding attendance.

3. For 40k Seamas and I will try to generate activities and events. For LotR Chris, Michael, Jeff and I will try to generate activities and events. These people will be given access to post on this website.

4. Jeff will look into club bylaws and such. This will be necessary when (if) we have club dues.

5. Next club gaming will be 02/12/09

6. Game points will use GT points.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Rumour: War of the Ring

Since many in the group play LotR, I thought I would post this bit of info. Personally, other than the new models becoming available, I am not a fan of what i reposting from Warseer forum regarding "War of the Ring."
Released April 4th:
- War of the Ring book £35
- Uruk-hai Command - 3 metal minis (Captain, Standard and Musician) £15
- Minas Tirith Command - 3 metal minis (Captain, Standard and Musician) £15
- Rohan Command - 3 metal minis (Captain, Standard and Musician) £15
- Morannon Orc - 3 metal minis (Captain, Standard and Musician) £15
- Plastic Ent £15
- Plastic Army of the Dead £15 - 24 minis
- Sons of Eorl (mtd) £8 - uber rohan royal guard cause terror in turns they charge and don't retreat as a result of casualties suffered from bow fire.
- Halbarad £7 (new mini)
- Grey Company £8 - 3 metal minis (new minis)

Released later date TBA:
- Elven cavalry
- Elven catapult
- Plastic High Elves inc. Spearmen.
- Plastic Galadhrim
- Eatserling King
- New Theoden

Also rumoured plastic Dunlendings or Khandish Mercs apparently it hasn't been decided yet but there will definitely be one more plastic set.

The final 3 ringwraiths are in the book.

Some rules originally from this site http://elpoderdelanillo.mforos.com/1...evo-juego-war/if you speak Spanish.

[War of the Ring:] Totally new game not a supplement.

Heroic actions (close to the SBG)
Epic actions from named heroes with a wide range of possibility. Vrasku will give more shots to his formation.

New rohan hero Deorwine (the original captain of the Royal Guard in the books) can sacrifice himself for Theoden.

Normal formations at a low price:
- a basic 8 Minas Tirith company 25 pts
- a basic orc company 15 (+5 for shields)
- a basic Isengard Uruk Hai company (35 pts)
- an Uruk Hai berserk company (110 pts)
- a 8 knights of DA company (45 pts on foot...)


Legendary formations, much more buffed up and more expensive:
- Royal Guard with Gamling and Hama,
- Shagrat's Uruk Hai
- Sharku's Warg Riders
- The 3 hunters
- The fellowhip
- The White Council
to name but a few

But you can't have more elite or legendary foramtions than regular formations

Game progresses in alternate turns with first one side moving, then the other. The same system works for shooting, but the combat is decided simultaneously if the units are equal (for example, if they are infantry against infantry; if cavalry fight against infantry, the cavalry fight first; if monsters fight against infantry or cavalry, the monster fights first).

similar to usual Warhammer fantasy but without the difficulty of curved paths you just measure 6 inches in any direction and move in a straight line there's no weaving and curving having to figure out how far 1 edge movedas you wheel etc. obviously you need a clear unobstructed path to do this.

any unit that has not shot may ellect to charge, if distance is not reached unit has failed and does not move at all

charge = d6+2"
cavalry = d6+6"

a unit can shoot if it can see the enemy, all bows have strength 2 with 3 varying ranges, crossbows are strength 4 with 3 varying ranges (perhaps more crossbows for the future?)
a unit not in line opf sight may "support" another unit

one die for each model in the unit
4+ SV- +1
3+ SV- +2
2+ SV- +3
units suporting- +1

roll these dice to wound.

so many minis = so many shots. The force of the weapon against defence of the objective is key, and so many impacts = so many wounds. For example, 8 Elf Archers, firing at 3+, would be 8 shots + 2 shots for their ability (5-3 (which is the shooting value) = 2 – it's a rule easy to remember) = 10 dice. A supporting company adds more dice. Force of weapon 2, defence of objective 5 = dice result needed 5+.

No limit on number of Archers

all models have 1 resistance
cavalry +1 risistance (usually 2)
monsters resistance equall to wounds
some other modifiers

Cavalry no unhorsed riders whole model removed - each horseman has 2 wounds and if you wound a cavalry unit three times only one rider is removed and the last wound is not recorded for the next turn.isistance (usually 2)
monsters resistance equall to wounds
some other modifiers

monsters strike first
cavalry strikes second
infantry strikes last
if two unit types fight each other (infantry v infantry) the unti with the highest fv strikes first

+1 die if your fight value is better (some modifiers for two handed weapons)
+1 die for each company in support (units in formation*)
-3 if you are attacked in the flank
-5 if you are attacked from behind

the loser is the one who has suffered the most wounds (after resistance)

the loser than rolls on the break (or panic) table
1 : make a normal SBG courage test (2D6). If you don't make it, your unit is destroyed if it was under 50% of original strength. If it was above 50% look below (2-5 result).
2-5: normal courage test. If you don't make it the company gets more casualties. For example if gobs roll a 5 on 2D6, they get 3 more casualties (it is the equivalent of 5 (die roll) + 2 (courage value) - 10 (number requested for a courage test = - 3
6: nothing happens

if a monster is wounded(after resistance) roll on the chart-
1 -nothing happens
2-3: one wound token
4-5: two wounds tokens
6 : killed outright.
(+1 to the die roll for each wound token that the monster already has).

Rohan have been seriously beefed up. They can shoot and charge in the same turn, 12" movement and new special rules!

The rulebook includes rules for Easterling Fanatics and Priests.

Named Heroes like Aragorn, Boromir, Gandalf, the Witch-king, go within a formation and they can be moved from one to another one. They can also hop from horse to foot and back again and changed from a foot a to cavalry formation. If a hero is in a formation that is destroyed, the hero DIES.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Club meeting

Tentatively scheduled for 6 or 630p Thursday 29th at Hobbytown. Details of club membership and activities will be discussed then.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Welcome to our club page. First a few words about the name "Warmancer". Years ago I attended a Games Workshop Grand Tournament in Baltimore. Several gaming clubs made their presence known by having club t-shirts and individual diorama that linked together. One club in particular left an impression on me, the Warmongers (from NJ?). I named our club the warmancers after combining the words wargamers and necromancer/neuromancers to signify the art of wargaming.

Our club was born out of desire and out of necessity. Desire because after months of wargaming at the GW Stony Point mall in Richmond, it became obvious our love of the game and the pleasure of gaming with a few other like minded individuals. Our club was also born out of necessity because as we all now know, GW Stony Point is closing as of Jan 28. These two considerations just happened to occur within a few weeks of each other. Providential almost.

I hope our club will bring us many pleasurable and memorable moments in our future. But for now, we have work to do to get our club organized and started. Our core games to start with will be GW games: Lord of the Ring, Warhammer 40k, and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I personally also hope to stimulate interests in 2 Specialist Games: Battlefleet Gothic (40k spaceships) and Warmaster (grand scale Fantasy).

Best Gaming Wishes,