Monday, July 27, 2009

New Ringwraiths

Here is a post on warseer with pictures of the new mini's for the betrayer and the knight of umbar.
Here is the link to the post not the thread.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am guess blogging about BFG at Bells of Lost Souls.

My first post is here. My next post will likely about the turn sequence and the one after that will be about the models. Afterward I will likely post about each fleet lists.

Monday, July 13, 2009

BFG Game at Hobby Town July 18th

A few of us (me, the Bennetts, and the Lesers) are planning to play BFG at Hobbytown this Saturday from 10AM to 3PM or so. Join us if you want to learn more. I should have enough models for all to play at least 500 points.

A total of 8 of us showed up for BFG today, myself, the Bennetts (3), the Lesers (2), Chris and Harry. Harry is from Albany NY in town visiting friends. Somehow he found us on the web and showed up with 1000 pts worth of very nicely painted Chaos cruisers. I thought it was perfect as he allowed us to play four on four. I hope the next time he comes we can all set up another BFG game.

As it turns out, some other 40k players also declare themselves BFG players. It would be great if we can set up a club head to head competition!

We played 3.8k per side and had a great time.

The scenario was Fleet engagement; we chose Wedge and Chaos chose Cross. The two fleets deployed on long edges parallel to each other facing opposite direction. This prevented the Imperial fleet from charging Chaos with its armored prow. We did what we could to maneuver toward the enemy but seemingly always one arc behind. This led me to realize that Imperium should not try to come directly toward their opponent but should instead come on at a converging angle so that the current enemy ships are toward the one corner of our front arcs, expecting that once the enemy ships move, they will remain in the other corner of our front arc.

Previously I have also been reluctant to leave bomber markers on the table because of fear of being taken out. However, I think that the chances they will be taken out by ship fire is remote (requiring 6s to hit). When enemy carriers launches fighters to take out your bombers they aren't launching bombers or assault boats against my ships. In addition, interesting enough, damages taken by attack crafts are renewable (with re-rolls) similar to shields. By having bombers out, I have alsos extended the range of my bombers to 40cm per turn.

Final thought, the obvious thought. Concentrating fires to cripple ships is more effective than spreading fires across many ships' shields.