Monday, June 1, 2009

WotR Shopping Consideration

A thought on buying models for WotR. The current rules give 10 factions to play, and allows taking any combination of formations within each factions. But I suspect that there will be more detailed books for each factions as they did with SBG-LotR. If so, these books may place additional restrictions on what combinations are allowable. For instance, you may not be able to mix Gondor with Arnor for instance, or Corsairs with Khand. Please keep this in mind as you formulate your army roster and decide what to buy next. It may be better to be a theme purist with your army composition, at least for a while (to say 1000 points).

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  1. Just another note on WotR purchases. I have been attempting to get mordor siege bows through several sources and recently was informed that they are now direct only sales. I checked on GW website and it says 5-6 weeks before they are restocked (as are several other metal figures). Which is crazy. So be careful when ordering.