Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gaming Night 04/16/09: BFG

About 5 to 6 of us played an intro game of BFG tonight. I thought it was a good showing. I think there has been enough interest for another BFG gaming night. If the regular club LotR gaming get into campaigning and interests in BFG remain up, we might want to consider an alternative time for BFG (once a month?).

Some thoughts from tonight:
Planetary gravity well: free turn toward the planet only at the beginning and or end of the movement phase.

Fleet interests:
Huan: Imperial, Chaos, and Tau (to be painted)
Chris: Imperium and Chaos
Eric: Necron (to be painted)
Daniel: wants Space Marine
Matt: wants Chaos
Jeff: ?

BFG resources:
Warp Rift BFG fan community magazine
Port Maw
and my favorite forum: BFG on Warseer

Alternative Models:
For anyone contemplating a Tyranid fleet, many gamers have bought the Tyranid 40k warrior set and the customized the models for BFG use.
Other companies (non GW) include
Spartan Games
Babylon 5 ships

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