Friday, February 13, 2009

Gaming Night 02/26/08

Next club gaming night will be 2 weeks from last night.
Again points are as follow:
LotR = 700 pts (but we may want to revise this down if it is a megabattle format)
40k = 1750 pts
FB = 2000 pts
BFG? =

About 7-8 people showed up last night and stayed till a bit before 9P. Lots of terrain pieces were brought. Most played LotR but 2 played 40k. I think it was a good show for our first club gaming night.

BTW, I recently bought the Axis & Allies Anniversary edition. Up to 6 players can play (Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USA, USSR and possible China?). Let me know if there is interest in this one night.
Rules and info can be found here.

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  1. Huan,

    I am VERY interested in the Axis and Allies! I got the game 2 years ago for Christmas and can never find people to play with. I was gonna bring up in our next meeting something like that. Another idea I have is maybe we can introduce D&D as well. Always wanted to play D&D just never had the time to learn all the rules. Keep me informed.