Monday, May 4, 2009

War of the Ring

Picked up my copy of WotR last week and have been looking over it, mostly the army list sections. There are a couple of things we as a club needs to decide on.

1. What will be our game size? Should we start at 500 points and go up by 500 points increments?

2. The Mahud army that Casey runs is no longer legal as they are rare units (you cannot have more rare units than common units). I am fine with allowing him to treat Mahud as common for now so he can continue to play as he decide what to do next.

3. Since we frequently play multiplayers, perhaps we should formalize some agreement so as not to field multiple unique units (legendary formation or epic hero). Thoughts?


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  2. I have enough harad to allow casey to run at least two more regular formations. I also have enough (I think) to run 4 regular units for mordor/minas morgal/angmar. Once I get the book I plan on running an angmar army, with a few purchases I should be able to field at least 1K. We might want to consider 2v2 with each player bringing between 500 to 1k points. With the rule you stated above about unique units.

  3. there is also a matter of fate/fortune for multiplayer games as well.

  4. I also got my copy last week and have been reading the rules. I really like the magic system and the way the handled fight value so that it is not as dominant in determining outcome of battle. Anyway, 500 pts to start sounds good to me. I'd like to just get the basics down in the first game, then add more complexity to my forces as we progress.

  5. Oh and fracas, heard you got married. Congrats. But on the other hand, you are hugely LAME for not TELLING US!