Friday, April 3, 2009

Gaming Night 04/02/09 and 04/16/09.

Twelve people showed up last night for a big bash. (We picked up another refugee from GW Stony Point last night.) Again the result was pretty much a draw. Two considerations are currently being explored, that of playing battle-company campaigns and or War of the Ring, both with the thought the game would go by faster thus the result would be more definitive.

For all interested in War of the Ring, it is to be released this month so perhaps we should place an order with Hobbytown (for good will). I inquired about this last night and to do so, we will need to know the GW catalogue number. I will add this to the post later.

For 04/16/09 two games will be featured, that of Battlefleet Gothic and LotR Battle companies. See you then.


  1. Perhaps we should explain, we had a mega battle with 600 point armies and 3 different take and hold objectives. we had a good amount of Many casualties on both sides. It was a lot of elves, grey company and rohan vs goblins, isengard, mordor, harad, angmar and easterlings.

  2. Furthermore, in the interest of talking smack and creating grudges, it was most definitely not a tie, it was a major victory by the forces of good. ;)

  3. Huan,

    I think we should definitely consider playing the War of the Ring. I talked to Don earlier this week and he is giving it amazing reviews. Please keep me informed.