Sunday, February 22, 2009

Club Night Poll

Currently we are meeting at Hobbytown every other thursday nights at 530p/6p. This makes the next meeting 2/26/09.

Question: Should we meet
A. Every other Thursdays?
B. First, third, and fifth Thursdays?
C. Second and fourth Thursdays?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gaming Night 02/26/08

Next club gaming night will be 2 weeks from last night.
Again points are as follow:
LotR = 700 pts (but we may want to revise this down if it is a megabattle format)
40k = 1750 pts
FB = 2000 pts
BFG? =

About 7-8 people showed up last night and stayed till a bit before 9P. Lots of terrain pieces were brought. Most played LotR but 2 played 40k. I think it was a good show for our first club gaming night.

BTW, I recently bought the Axis & Allies Anniversary edition. Up to 6 players can play (Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USA, USSR and possible China?). Let me know if there is interest in this one night.
Rules and info can be found here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gaming Night 02/12/09

Next gaming night will be February 12, 2009. Please comment on your attendance and game.

In addition to your army, please bring 1-2 pieces of terrain.

LotR @ 700pts
40k @ 1750pts
? FB @ 2000pts
? BFG @ ?

LotR: per Legions of Middle Earth (LME)
40k: per main rule book