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Battle report-Fords of the Isen

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Battle report-Fords of the Isen
Scenario from WotR with modifications: 1500pts per side.

Rohan(Theodred/Arwen/Eowyn/Haldir) and Grey Company/Elves(Thranduil/Aragorn)
Mordor(Gothmog/Khamul) Fallen Realms(Shadow Lord)

Lots of death and carnage.

Turn 1 priority Good
On the far north Aristo charged up with Arwen.
I lost a siege bow before the end of the first turn( thank you natures wrath ).
Moved moranons to help cover the north. Aristo was moving Theodred up the middle ford. 2nd siege bow takes out 4 rohan infantry.

Turn2 priority Good
Formation of orcs with 2 handed weapons moves into south ford, gets shot at and has to move back 3 inches.Arwen casts Entagle on moranons with Khamul. Moved Gothmog and Black guard into the middle ford along with 5 companies of warg riders. Khamul castes visions of woe, enfeble and wings of terror. Aristo charges and loses 2 heroes( Eowyn/Arwen) and an entire rohan cav formation in this turn. He charged into the moranon orcs which contained kahmul. Kahmul won the Heroic Duel with Eowyn thanks to Epic Strike. A combination of spellcasting and a counter charge by harad to his flank was deadly. Arwen fled :).

Turn3 priority evil
Mostly shuffling and a little shooting in the round meant the loss of one of theodreds knight (which was joined by thranduil), while moranons and mahuds/halftrolls moved up the northern ford. Moved a formation of orcs with 2 handed weapons in the south ford into terrain and a formation of mahud was entering the south ford.
Theodred charged the Warg riders who, because of thranduil promptly failed their courage test and were reduced by 1 company but saved themselves by rolling a 6 for the panic test, but the River Isen took another warg rider. Thranduil suffered no losses.

Turn 4 priority evil
Evil shooting did nothing, orcs with 2handed weapons in defensible terrain between the south and middle fords too afraid to leave with an elf around. A heroic charge was called by Theodred and countered by Gothmog but the black gaurd could not fit into the ford so he called epic defense. Thranduil promptly frightened the bejesus out of the remaining warg riders, dispatched them and charged into Gothmog and 2 companies of Black Guard. Even with D9 lances hurt, and I swear Aristo has magic dice. Lost 5 while he lost only one The river took another 2. Still stunned at this point after the loss of an entire formation of warg riders due to being charged by terror causing elf, yes, elf, not plural. Lost a lot of black gaurd to same elf even with defense 9 and needing 6/4 to wound. Black Gaurd had to back up 1 inch.

Turn 5 priority evil
Moved Gothmog to moranons with kahmul, should have moved khamul to Black gaurd. Lost the second siege bow (thank you natures wrath). Galadrim knights came up the middle to protect the rear of Theodred/Thranduil and charged orcs in terrain. Shadowlord casts spell ( can't remember what ).Harad shooting does nothing, moranons and harad move further to the other side of the north ford. Hails of arrows reduce black gaurd by 2 more. They charge into Theodred. They lose 1 more I lose 2, river takes rest. Theodred is in full retreat. Orcs with 2 handed weapons take out 2 knights while losing a company, I thought that was pretty good.

Turn 6 Priority good. Natures wrath kills remaining orcs in terrain. Lots of shooting from grey company kills some harad in the north.( we forgot about shadow lord special rule here). Moranons move up . Harad engaged rohan and take some losses, river does huge damage.

At this we had to call it because we have jobs. Pretty much a draw, evil had north and south fords and rohan was on the hurt.

some notes:

My magic was going well.
I need to remember to move kahmul to a company being attacked.
Gothmog does rock....." i'm sorry, you called what with might...oh yeah me too, for free."
I think I like 2 hnd weapons, but defense 3 blows.
Natures wrath really hurts if you are defensible terrain. ( does it work in buildings? ).
Shooty armies are not that great if your target is D6 or higher.


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