Monday, April 27, 2009

BFG Event at Hobby Town May 16th

We are trying to get together at Hobby Town on Saturday May 16th at 130 pm to play BFG. Those that have models bring 500 points. Those that don't I'll provide 500 points worth of models.

Speaking of models check out these pics:

GothicComp is an annual competition of BFG models. For more info on the 2009 competition go here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

BFG Event

I am thrilled at the positive response to last gaming night's BFG intro. I am contemplating another BFG event, but this time on a weekend afternoon so as to not interfere with the impending start of our LotR campaign. Tentative date would be either Saturday May 9, May 16, or Sunday May 17. Sunday may be better as I understand there is a gatherings of 40k players on Saturdays.

Thus far we have a few players with fleets.
Jeff: Imperial Navy, 500 pts
Matt: Chaos, 500 pts
Daniel: Space Marine, 500 pts
Chris B: Imperial and Chaos, 1000 pts each.
Eric M: Necrons, 1000 pts?
Huan: Imperial and Chaos, 2500 pts each.

We will be teaming up with 500 points fleet each. All are welcome to attend and as seen above, I have plenty of models, I will lend out 500 points fleet to any one who doesn't have models ready to play.

Gaming Nights: Next and Beyond

Next gaming night will be 04/30/09 at Hobby Town. Expect low turn out.

Most of us have decided that instead of going on an every other Thursday schedule, we would instead adhere to 1st, 3rd, and possibly 5th Thursdays at Hobby Town. This will be an easier schedule for all to remember.

Naturally we are all free to set up additional gaming time as desired.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Battle Campaign

1. Legion rules for SBG (this counts for terrain as well), 3rd age heroes only as your general. Your general can not change from game to game, if he is killed in a game then he is gone for good but you may replace his points. Everyone chooses a home base related to their army list. Bases are listed under the region, one player per base.

2. Military campaign: Eight battles for each player. At the end the side with the most wins in each region wins that region, the side with the most regions wins the campaign.

3. The point system: (see bottom) determines the overall winner. I will buy movement trays from WotR for the overall point winner; one infantry package and one cavalry package.

4. Bases (pick one that matches your army best you can)

a. Good: Ithilien, Minas Tirith, Arnor, Iron Hills, Lothlorien, Rivendell, Dol Amroth, Edoras, Grey Havens, Thranduil.

b. Evil: Minas Morgul, Harad, Isengaurd, Balchoth, Dol Guldur, Black Gate, Far Harad, Moria, Angmar

Regions followed by base list in that region


Minas Morgul, Ithilien, Harad, Minas Tirith


Arnor, Iron Hills, Isengaurd, Balchoth(easterlings), Lothlorien, Rivendell, Dol Guldur, Moria


Minis Tirith, Black Gate, Dol Amroth, Edoras, Minas Morgal, Far Harad


Harad, Far Harad, Dol Amroth, Ithillien


Balchoth(easterlings), Iron Hills, Black Gate, Thranduil, Lothlorian, Angmar


Dol Gulder, Moria, Arnor, Angmar, Rivendell, Edoras, Grey Havens, Isengaurd

5. Your battle company does not have to be related to your army for convenience sake. i.e. you can have a hobbit battle company and a gondor army or a harad BC and a dol guldur army.

6. For good players Saruman the white is playable if you are not vs Isengaurd, if you are he may be replaced with Radagast or whoever you see fit.

7. To start a game: good and evil roll off, whichever gets the higher roll then can choose a region to battle in.

a. Looking at the region base list, if both player bases are on that regions base list the roll off winner rolls a dice for a scenario in legions. Players fight with their 600pt army with battle company coming in as per page 17 of the battle companies rules(no extra points given for a win/loss/draw because the BC is with your 600pts, but they can gain experience etc). I don’t have legions(who has my copy anyway?) if someone could come up with a dice scheme for scenario’s that would be great.

b. If your two bases are not in the same region then you fight with your battle companies first (roll off winner roll for scenario in BC handbook, NOT legions). Whoever loses the BC fight picks a scenario in legions. This battle is fought with your 600pt armies and your remaining BC joins as per page 17 of the BC rules. A win with a battle company in this manner gives the opportunity for more points because you can win twice, once with the BC and once with your army+BC.

8. It would be great if everyone had two armies/BC’s to help balance good/evil but I understand if you can’t. Having two BC may be a bit much as well, so everyone please claim a side, be you good or be you evil, for you MUST choose……for now at least.

9. This should not preclude us from doing a mega style battle and incorporating it in somehow. A WotR battle to replace a SBG game is fine with me but you will have to fight with your BC’s separately.

10. In the event of a tie for regions and or points, mega battle to decide the winner.

11. You can play on the weekends as long as you tell me the result. I will be posting it on the website

Points Scale

Major Victory 20pts

Minor Victory 15pts

Draw 10pts (battle company win)

Minor Loss 5 pts (battle company draw)

Major Loss 0pts (battle company loss)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gaming Night 04/16/09: BFG

About 5 to 6 of us played an intro game of BFG tonight. I thought it was a good showing. I think there has been enough interest for another BFG gaming night. If the regular club LotR gaming get into campaigning and interests in BFG remain up, we might want to consider an alternative time for BFG (once a month?).

Some thoughts from tonight:
Planetary gravity well: free turn toward the planet only at the beginning and or end of the movement phase.

Fleet interests:
Huan: Imperial, Chaos, and Tau (to be painted)
Chris: Imperium and Chaos
Eric: Necron (to be painted)
Daniel: wants Space Marine
Matt: wants Chaos
Jeff: ?

BFG resources:
Warp Rift BFG fan community magazine
Port Maw
and my favorite forum: BFG on Warseer

Alternative Models:
For anyone contemplating a Tyranid fleet, many gamers have bought the Tyranid 40k warrior set and the customized the models for BFG use.
Other companies (non GW) include
Spartan Games
Babylon 5 ships

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just a heads up about Thursday 4/16. For those of you playing LotR we will be using battle companies. If you can, bring one good and one evil company, if you can't we will work with it. I have posted the first pages of the battlecompanies pdf, get it now before GW calls google :). (edit: dammit, they are posted backwards..start at the bottom)
There will also be some battlefleet gothic going on, I know that there was at least one person who has dropped by Hobbytown looking for a game, hopefully he will show again go here for info.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some more terrain

As most of you know I have been looking at getting terrain. More specifically getting ready to go terrain, because those trees took wayyyy too long to do :). Most of you have already seen the two ready hills I got from woodland scenics .
I came across another two places. Some of you may have heard of them before, if so stop reading and work on your battle companies:) .One is called war torn worlds and the other is the War Zone Both of these shops offer finished terrain for 25mm model gaming. It is of course tough to judge the quality on teh internets but I am more concerned about saving myself some time than super high quality. The prices all seemed reasonable and they both have a variety of stock.

On another note, the GW ozzy site that I talked about before with all those great terrain articles is gone. Looks like when GW did an update for WotR it erased them. That also means that the battle company rules were taken with the terrain articles. If someone needs copies shoot me an email and I can get them too you.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Middle Earth Map

btw, the GW code for War of the Ring is 60041499026

Gaming Night 04/02/09 and 04/16/09.

Twelve people showed up last night for a big bash. (We picked up another refugee from GW Stony Point last night.) Again the result was pretty much a draw. Two considerations are currently being explored, that of playing battle-company campaigns and or War of the Ring, both with the thought the game would go by faster thus the result would be more definitive.

For all interested in War of the Ring, it is to be released this month so perhaps we should place an order with Hobbytown (for good will). I inquired about this last night and to do so, we will need to know the GW catalogue number. I will add this to the post later.

For 04/16/09 two games will be featured, that of Battlefleet Gothic and LotR Battle companies. See you then.