Thursday, October 22, 2009

SBG rules for the Fallen Realms release

Quick rundown provided by GrashnarTheSecond from The Last Alliance renewed, but no points cost yet. On another note, one can now order 2 2x2 flat sections of the realm of battle game board separately from the entire board itself. Ordering 3 2x2 sections is $20 cheaper than the whole board, no hills of course, but are non movable hills worth $20?

Haradrim Taskmaster: Nothing surprising, a Haradrim version of the Orc Taskmaster. Stats of a Haradrim Chieftain and the special rule of the Orc Taskmaster.

Golden King of Harad: Fights as a single model with two-handed weapon (no -1 penalty!), counts as a banner, has a special rule that allows him to spend Will in order to "bribe" enemy heroes. Basically, this means that if they have to take a courage test, their courage is reduced by 1 for every point of Will the King spends. The King can use this ability before or after the dice for the test are rolled.

Abrakhan Guard: F4, S4 Haradrim Warriors with two-handed weapons that do not receive a -1 penalty on Fight rolls.

Dragon Knight: Cheapish combat hero that can shield with his swords. If he ever gets knocked down, he manages to hold his ground on a 4+ and doesn't fall over. Doesn't have Stand Fast! and nobody can benefit from his Heroic Actions.

War Priest: Fury for Easterlings (including Khamul), has a spell that gives target model Strength 6 for the remainder of the turn.

Black Guard Captain: Standard Uruk-hai Captain in heavy armour with shield. Gets courage 6 if Sauron or a Ringwraith is on the table.

Black Guard Drummer: Orc Drummer with S5.

Black Guard: Surprisingly, only D6. No special rule. Standard Isengard ( he must have meant mordor) Uruks with shields, except that they have Strength 5 and are more expensive.

Kardush: Shaman with only D4, 2 attacks and 1 wound. Fury and casts Strength 6 Fireballs on a 3+. Can sacrifice an Orc to regain D3 Will. Can be sacrificed to give a Ringwraith D6 Will. (note how fun is that..."hey you generic orc come here I want to show you something.....-cut- ..I feel so much better...FIREBALL".)

The Betrayer: Bane of Kings. Models with poisoned weapons or poisoned arrows must reroll on a 1 or 2 rather than a 1. Casts compel and transfix on the same value.

Knight of Umbar: This guy blows Khamûl out of the water. Doesn't have to give up Will if the wins the Fight. He may freely choose to use his opponent's Fight Value, Strength or Attacks value in any combination when in combat. For example, he can choose to use his own Strength and the enemies Fight or Attacks, he can choose to use just his own values or he can choose to use all three of his opponent's values. (Or any other possible combination).

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