Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Now for something completely different

I picked up another miniatures game at the beginning of the year, and have been hobbying with it ever since. Some of you have probably heard me talking about Malifaux, but I've finally gotten around to finishing my 2 crews. Well Seamus is my wife's crew, I normally play the Viktorias.

Seamus and crew

Malifaux is a 32mm miniatures game set in the world of Malifaux, and has an ongoing story describing the setting, how the world came to be. The story also explains the interactions and some dynamics between factions and their leaders which adds to the fun. Wyrd Games also publishes a periodic web magazine which includes FAQ's, discussions, strategies, etc and it is free to download. I won't go into any detail on here, but it is very fun to read, and always getting better as they hire new writers and creative geniuses.

The Twins or Viktorias crew

The one distinguishing factor between Malifaux and other games that I've played, is that it is not a dice game. It uses a standard 54 card deck of playing cards(including jokers), or one of their custom decks of cards. In addition to that, players alternate "activating" or playing the actions of each model, which always leads to thinking about new strategies and ways to maneuver to get objectives accomplished.

Card Suits changed to Tome, Mask, Ram, and Crow

There are currently 6 factions, with multiple leaders in each faction with different playstyles and feels. One thing about Malifaux is that movement, terrain, and cover are used throughout the game, and are very important for certain crews's play style. It is also very objective/strategy oriented and not just another move to contact and hulk smash the opposing force, although that can be part of the strategy too. Starter box sets range from $32 - 43 and most of the old boxes contain models and stat cards to play a 25 "Soulstone" game. The newer boxes contain enough models to play a 35 point game, which is normally the average points to play a 1-2 hour long game.

Stat card front and back have abilities and descriptions of abilities

If you are looking to start miniature gaming again, or just want to mix it up and add a new game to your arsenal, let me know through email or google+ and I will setup a demo.

For more detail on gameplay:

The rules manual is available for free online here if interested: