Thursday, January 29, 2009

1st Meeting Summary

We had a great show out for our first meeting and many details were worked out.

1. We will be meeting at Hobbytown on Broad every Thursday night at 6pm unless specified otherwise. Gaming will be open format for now.

2. Gaming night will be posted here for everyone to comment on regarding attendance.

3. For 40k Seamas and I will try to generate activities and events. For LotR Chris, Michael, Jeff and I will try to generate activities and events. These people will be given access to post on this website.

4. Jeff will look into club bylaws and such. This will be necessary when (if) we have club dues.

5. Next club gaming will be 02/12/09

6. Game points will use GT points.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Rumour: War of the Ring

Since many in the group play LotR, I thought I would post this bit of info. Personally, other than the new models becoming available, I am not a fan of what i reposting from Warseer forum regarding "War of the Ring."
Released April 4th:
- War of the Ring book £35
- Uruk-hai Command - 3 metal minis (Captain, Standard and Musician) £15
- Minas Tirith Command - 3 metal minis (Captain, Standard and Musician) £15
- Rohan Command - 3 metal minis (Captain, Standard and Musician) £15
- Morannon Orc - 3 metal minis (Captain, Standard and Musician) £15
- Plastic Ent £15
- Plastic Army of the Dead £15 - 24 minis
- Sons of Eorl (mtd) £8 - uber rohan royal guard cause terror in turns they charge and don't retreat as a result of casualties suffered from bow fire.
- Halbarad £7 (new mini)
- Grey Company £8 - 3 metal minis (new minis)

Released later date TBA:
- Elven cavalry
- Elven catapult
- Plastic High Elves inc. Spearmen.
- Plastic Galadhrim
- Eatserling King
- New Theoden

Also rumoured plastic Dunlendings or Khandish Mercs apparently it hasn't been decided yet but there will definitely be one more plastic set.

The final 3 ringwraiths are in the book.

Some rules originally from this site you speak Spanish.

[War of the Ring:] Totally new game not a supplement.

Heroic actions (close to the SBG)
Epic actions from named heroes with a wide range of possibility. Vrasku will give more shots to his formation.

New rohan hero Deorwine (the original captain of the Royal Guard in the books) can sacrifice himself for Theoden.

Normal formations at a low price:
- a basic 8 Minas Tirith company 25 pts
- a basic orc company 15 (+5 for shields)
- a basic Isengard Uruk Hai company (35 pts)
- an Uruk Hai berserk company (110 pts)
- a 8 knights of DA company (45 pts on foot...)


Legendary formations, much more buffed up and more expensive:
- Royal Guard with Gamling and Hama,
- Shagrat's Uruk Hai
- Sharku's Warg Riders
- The 3 hunters
- The fellowhip
- The White Council
to name but a few

But you can't have more elite or legendary foramtions than regular formations

Game progresses in alternate turns with first one side moving, then the other. The same system works for shooting, but the combat is decided simultaneously if the units are equal (for example, if they are infantry against infantry; if cavalry fight against infantry, the cavalry fight first; if monsters fight against infantry or cavalry, the monster fights first).

similar to usual Warhammer fantasy but without the difficulty of curved paths you just measure 6 inches in any direction and move in a straight line there's no weaving and curving having to figure out how far 1 edge movedas you wheel etc. obviously you need a clear unobstructed path to do this.

any unit that has not shot may ellect to charge, if distance is not reached unit has failed and does not move at all

charge = d6+2"
cavalry = d6+6"

a unit can shoot if it can see the enemy, all bows have strength 2 with 3 varying ranges, crossbows are strength 4 with 3 varying ranges (perhaps more crossbows for the future?)
a unit not in line opf sight may "support" another unit

one die for each model in the unit
4+ SV- +1
3+ SV- +2
2+ SV- +3
units suporting- +1

roll these dice to wound.

so many minis = so many shots. The force of the weapon against defence of the objective is key, and so many impacts = so many wounds. For example, 8 Elf Archers, firing at 3+, would be 8 shots + 2 shots for their ability (5-3 (which is the shooting value) = 2 – it's a rule easy to remember) = 10 dice. A supporting company adds more dice. Force of weapon 2, defence of objective 5 = dice result needed 5+.

No limit on number of Archers

all models have 1 resistance
cavalry +1 risistance (usually 2)
monsters resistance equall to wounds
some other modifiers

Cavalry no unhorsed riders whole model removed - each horseman has 2 wounds and if you wound a cavalry unit three times only one rider is removed and the last wound is not recorded for the next turn.isistance (usually 2)
monsters resistance equall to wounds
some other modifiers

monsters strike first
cavalry strikes second
infantry strikes last
if two unit types fight each other (infantry v infantry) the unti with the highest fv strikes first

+1 die if your fight value is better (some modifiers for two handed weapons)
+1 die for each company in support (units in formation*)
-3 if you are attacked in the flank
-5 if you are attacked from behind

the loser is the one who has suffered the most wounds (after resistance)

the loser than rolls on the break (or panic) table
1 : make a normal SBG courage test (2D6). If you don't make it, your unit is destroyed if it was under 50% of original strength. If it was above 50% look below (2-5 result).
2-5: normal courage test. If you don't make it the company gets more casualties. For example if gobs roll a 5 on 2D6, they get 3 more casualties (it is the equivalent of 5 (die roll) + 2 (courage value) - 10 (number requested for a courage test = - 3
6: nothing happens

if a monster is wounded(after resistance) roll on the chart-
1 -nothing happens
2-3: one wound token
4-5: two wounds tokens
6 : killed outright.
(+1 to the die roll for each wound token that the monster already has).

Rohan have been seriously beefed up. They can shoot and charge in the same turn, 12" movement and new special rules!

The rulebook includes rules for Easterling Fanatics and Priests.

Named Heroes like Aragorn, Boromir, Gandalf, the Witch-king, go within a formation and they can be moved from one to another one. They can also hop from horse to foot and back again and changed from a foot a to cavalry formation. If a hero is in a formation that is destroyed, the hero DIES.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Club meeting

Tentatively scheduled for 6 or 630p Thursday 29th at Hobbytown. Details of club membership and activities will be discussed then.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Welcome to our club page. First a few words about the name "Warmancer". Years ago I attended a Games Workshop Grand Tournament in Baltimore. Several gaming clubs made their presence known by having club t-shirts and individual diorama that linked together. One club in particular left an impression on me, the Warmongers (from NJ?). I named our club the warmancers after combining the words wargamers and necromancer/neuromancers to signify the art of wargaming.

Our club was born out of desire and out of necessity. Desire because after months of wargaming at the GW Stony Point mall in Richmond, it became obvious our love of the game and the pleasure of gaming with a few other like minded individuals. Our club was also born out of necessity because as we all now know, GW Stony Point is closing as of Jan 28. These two considerations just happened to occur within a few weeks of each other. Providential almost.

I hope our club will bring us many pleasurable and memorable moments in our future. But for now, we have work to do to get our club organized and started. Our core games to start with will be GW games: Lord of the Ring, Warhammer 40k, and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I personally also hope to stimulate interests in 2 Specialist Games: Battlefleet Gothic (40k spaceships) and Warmaster (grand scale Fantasy).

Best Gaming Wishes,