Monday, July 23, 2012

So here we go again...another big finecast relaunch

With daaa da daaaaahh, another price increase.  You can now get 4, count them 4, finecast LoTR models for the price of $26.50, which is what we used to pay just last year plastic kit with 20/24 soldiers or get you 2 metal blisters of 3.  And honestly,figures that are cast in finecast (AKA:resin) blow.  I have had to get replacements for every one, ranging from missing faces to big visible bubbles obscuring detail to subsurface bubbles causing the model to bend.
here is a list of what will be new or relaunched in August:
On another note I have been working on a couple of posts but have been crazy busy at work.  I will get to them soon.....