Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lord of The Rings Discontinued Metal or OOP miniatures

Here is a list courtesy of The One Ring
A time after the mini is the current wait-usually anything greater than 2 weeks means it will soon be OOP.



Arvedui & Malbeth oop
Halbarad of Grey Company oop
Halbarad Captain of Dunedain 4week
Grey Company oop
Duinhir oop
Arvedui & Malbeth 4week
Arnor command oop
Knight of Dol Amroth banner Mounted oop
Captain of Dol Amroth Mounted oop
Knights of Dol Amroth (metal) oop
Faramirs Rangers oop
Minas Tirith Command 1 oop
Minas Tirith Command 2 oop
Minas Tirith Citadel Guard 2 4week
Knights of Minas Tirith (metal) oop
Knight of Minas Tirith Standard 4week
Beregond oop
Denethor oop
Kings of Men 2&3 oop
Kings of Men 1&4 4week
Elendil oop
Numenor Archers oop
Isildur F&M oop
Hama oop
Theodred F&M oop
Gamling on foot 4week
Grimbold's Helmingas Command oop
Meriadoc Esquire of Rohan oop
Peregrin Took guard of the citadel 4week
Theoden F&M (wearing Helm) oop
Theodred F&M 4week
Captured by Gondor oop


Dwarf Command 2 oop
Dwarf Warriors (metal) 4week
Dwarf Bowmen 4week
Gimli 4week
Arwen mounted with Frodo oop
Original Arwen on foot oop
Elrond, Master of Rivendell 4week

Sunday, January 5, 2014

DW Campaign Season 1 Game Turn 3

Casey's Prussian battled Huan's American.

  • Prussian's objective was to
  • American's objective was to capture the objective
Results: minor victory for the Americans

Prussian casualties:
  • Sunk: 1 robot, 2 gunships, 3 destroyers, 2 escorts, 2 bombers
  • Damaged: 1 dreadnought, 1 bomber
Americans casualties:
  • Sunk:  3 cruisers, 8 frigates
  • Damaged: 1 battleship, 1 scoutship

Mecca's British battled Tripp's Ottoman

  • British's objective was to 
  • Ottoman's objective was to sink the opposing fleet
Results: major victory for the Ottomans

British casualties:
  • Sunk: 
  • Damaged: 
Ottomans casualties:
  • Sunk: 2 cruisers, 6 frigates
  • Damaged: battleship

Brian's Prussian battled Tripp's Ottoman

  • Prussian's objective was to sink the opposing fleet
  • Ottoman's objective was to target the commodore
Results: tie

Prussian casualties:
  • Sunk: 1 carrier, 4 frigates, 5 corvettes
  • Damaged: 1 submarine, 1 support cruiser, 1 scoutship, 1 corvette
Ottomans casualties:
  • Sunk: 2 cruisers, 8 frigates, 3 zuhafs
  • Damaged: