Friday, April 24, 2009

BFG Event

I am thrilled at the positive response to last gaming night's BFG intro. I am contemplating another BFG event, but this time on a weekend afternoon so as to not interfere with the impending start of our LotR campaign. Tentative date would be either Saturday May 9, May 16, or Sunday May 17. Sunday may be better as I understand there is a gatherings of 40k players on Saturdays.

Thus far we have a few players with fleets.
Jeff: Imperial Navy, 500 pts
Matt: Chaos, 500 pts
Daniel: Space Marine, 500 pts
Chris B: Imperial and Chaos, 1000 pts each.
Eric M: Necrons, 1000 pts?
Huan: Imperial and Chaos, 2500 pts each.

We will be teaming up with 500 points fleet each. All are welcome to attend and as seen above, I have plenty of models, I will lend out 500 points fleet to any one who doesn't have models ready to play.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Huan,

    Sorry for not making it on our last gaming night; something came up. I do plan on coming this Thursday however and I would like to know when you have a BFG night planned. I don't have a fleet but I would like to learn.