Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Galadriel Done

Finally,  Here are the colors:
Face/skin-base coat GW Tallarn flesh and highlights with increasing GW Elf Flesh, lips were the slightest amount of Vallejo Vermillion.
Dress-base coat white, then Vallejo Flat Aluminum (like GW space wolfs grey ), washed with dilute GW Fenris Grey and drybrushed with Windsor and Newton Titanium White.
Armor-Base Boltgun metal, shade with dilute Vallejo Black, highlight with GW Mithril Silver
Hair-Base of GW Iyanden Darkson, highlights adding Vallejo Sand Yellow then adding a little WN titanium White for the final highlight.
Had a lot of trouble with the dress, no matter what I did I kept getting air bubbles in the recess areas with the Flat Aluminum and white layers that I could not eliminate.  Which is why I washed the dress part and did not apply shading with layers.  This is probably the best face I have done so far.  Faces are hard. :)
The Base is a mix of GW sand, Medium and Fine Talus from Woodland Scenics.  Topped with GF-9 Winter Grass and then an Army Builder Swamp Tuft.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

more more more BFG and WIP and Dystopian Wars preview

Whew, lots of things today.  First off we have some BFG tokens that were custom make by LITKO.  To get 20 is $19.99 with a lot of options for color, shape and text.

Also the heading template that is large enough to fit underneath a BFG base and covers the 45 and 90 turns.
Next up we have previews of the Antarctic faction from Spartan Games Dystopian wars via TTGN.  I have been waiting for this since the fluff for Dystopian wars came out.  UPDATE here are painted versions.

And here is a WIP pic of Legolas from the Fellowship of The Ring.  I have been practicing my highlighting and shading with the plastic set.
Here is the finished product, based and matte varnished with Army Painter Matte Varnish.