Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gaming Night 05/07/09: WotR

Five of us showed up at Hobbytown tonight and four of us played WotR with about 500 points each. We spent 2 hours playing two turns, struggling to look up the rules of each step of play. My impressions and lessons are as follows, in no particular orders.

1. Epic hero vs same hero's legendary formation. There cannot be more epic heroes than normal (without upgrade) models in a company. Therefor it is risky to put epic heroes into a cavalry formation because he cannot go into the command company, and can only company up with another normal model. If that company loses one model (the normal model) the whole company is removed. So the same epic hero may be better in a legendary formation as its captain instead. Or put epic heroes into infantry formations only. epic hero can be moved from one formation to any other

2. It remains unclear to me optimal number of companies per formation. So far I am leaning to four for cavalry and 2-4 for infantry. Know the difference between formations and companies.

3. Infantry formations are better able to handle flank and rear charges than cavalry. Cavalry can be charged from the front and still do ok, but they are best as the chargers.

4. Shootings consists of 3 parts. firstly the numbers of dice to roll depends on the number of models and the company's shoot value. Secondly determine what each dice value needed through a strength vs defense analysis. Finally, determine if drive back occurs.

5. Choose the spearhead company that will allow flank charges if possible; the other formation will follow. Always roll to charge even if you are clearly within range because a roll of 6 gives you combat bonus in the ensuing fight. Also, if a 1 is rolled no charge occurs at all!

6. Fight combat modifiers are per company, not per formation.

Next club gaming night at Hobby Town will be 05/21/09 and we will likely play WotR 500 points per player.

update: one more interesting thought.
7. I think Epic heroes such as a ringwraith can joint any formation, including a Mumak!

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