Thursday, February 7, 2013

GW and the great patent war.....

If any reader here follows some of the more popular US/UK forums about tabletop war gaming( it has even happened on this blog) you may know about Games Workshop's pattern of intellectual property protection.
As in, we will send out cease and desist letters to anyone who may use any common term that can describe anything we make.  Now they have had a book about "Spot the space marine" pulled from amazon because apparently GW owns the words "space marine".
For some more info head on over to Plastic Legions
This is bullying plain and simple, they are attacking people not ideas.

To Learn more about the author of Spots the space marine go here.  She has updated her site with more information.
The ebook has been returned to the ebook store on amazon.  Show her some love if you can and purchase a copy.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

SBG Campaign.

Plans are currently underway for a SBG (Hobbit-LotR) campaign, perhaps as early as March. Jobu and I have solicit the aid of Aristo to manage the campaign for us. Aristo is a very good SBG competitor who have not been a regular gaming night participant for family (wee ones) reasons. This way we get someone firstly who know the game, secondly a neutral master, and thirdly allow him to continue participation in our gaming activities.
We all want a campaign to tie our games together, but effort in the past has failed in large part due to a lack of consensus on how to structure the campaign. This time the majority of us have decided gamers consensus is like herding cats. Thus we will provide suggestions to Aristo as our individual thoughts but in the end, will abide by his decision. Aristo will be our Campaign Master. I encourage all of you to do so.

My thoughts are here.