Saturday, September 26, 2009

Next up for WotR

at the new Last Alliance is a post regarding new release for LotR.

Hey guys just a heads up, at the end of this months (octobers) WD article about the new fallen realm stuff, there is a little sentace just mentioning that rohan will be reciveing the next lot of reinforcments, along with a couple of things from isengurad

Friday, September 18, 2009

New releases for mordor and fallen realms-Pics

On the front page of The One Ring, not up on the US version of the GW website.
One Ring

I like the black guard but having big shields kinda goes against that whole berserk(WotR not SBG) thing to me. I like the Easterling command but am I missing the musician? I really like Kardush. The Golden King and the Harad command are also pretty nice ( fat men walking !).

Edit: Easterling has no musician but comes with a shaman and a dragon knight.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We need to tie our various games into a campaign. I put forth the following thoughts.

1. Represent win/loss with a map. It does not need to be of Middle Earth but can be. We should also consider the Mighty Empire hex tile campaign system. (We can all chip in and split a set or two and each be responsible for painting your share).
2. Wins give you option to expand territory or improve existing territory. (Might Empires has mines, fortress, city for example.)
3. Our games have too often been ties. We need to have more definitive games. With SBG perhaps smaller games so we can finish. Or perhaps go with WotR?
4. Multiplayer games should be permissible. Perhaps award 2 points for individual win along with team win (in multiplayer games) and 1 point for individual wins (singles or multiplayers).
5. The campaign should not impact each game, meaning all players enter each game with equal footing regardless of how they are doing in the campaign.
6. The campaign should not penalize players who cannot play every week nor should the campaign limit those who can play regularly.