Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Differences between WoTR and SBG: calling actions

So, I wanted to start a discussion on some important differences between War of The Ring and Strategy Battle Game.  First topic, calling actions which require might.

In SBG players may think about calling or actually countering the opponents heroic call(move/shoot/fight etc), while in WoTR you must declare your intention to use might to perform and action or to use a hero in a duel.  This is a key difference and can be very confusing for those of us who are most familiar with SBG.  In WoTR before a phase starts ( move, shoot, charge etc) players declare what might requiring moves/duels/fights etc they are going to call that phase, the two players then roll off to see whose gets to go first, then perform the action(s) in an alternating fashion. It is important to remember that certain actions, even some special rule actions, can only be used in certain phases.  As a nice confusing example:  one person calls a heroic duel, the only way to counter this is to call a heroic duel yourself (if able to do so).  Now opponents who want to call a regular duel must roll off to see who gets to perform that action first.  So, does this mean that ring wraiths are really overpowered?  They only have one might, which is like their get out of duel free card since they have Epic Strike.  After that first duel though they are vulnerable to another duel.  Tactic: keep WR's in a company with a captain who can counter call a heroic duel if you think your opponent is out to kill it.  Which they probably are due to the WR's level 3 spell casting.

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