Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update on the incoming Misty Mountains

So, word over at The One Ring is the release in October for Lord of The Rings will be a cave drake along with Floi Stonehand, Kings Champion in a 3 character box, Gundabad Blackshields and a command box for the Blackshields.
 Edit: Here are better pics, courtesy of another The One Ring member Lorizael. Top to bottom Kins Champion Boxset, Gundabad Blackshield captain/drummer, Gundabad Blackshield Command Drum and shaman, Regular Gundabad blackshield, Floi Stonehand, Cave Drake, . Here is a link to a post by Scryer in the darkness with the figs in WoTR .  Pics After the brake....


  1. the dwarves and goblins look good
    the dragon so so

  2. I will have to disagree on the drake, I really like it, but I will have to see it close up for a final judgement. I like Floi, the Kings Champion is ok and I am not crazy about the Blackshields at all, they just look like caped regular goblins, which can be done with some green stuff and minimal skill.