Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to make a wet palette

I started using one not too long ago, before the dark times, before the emp......oh wait..anyway.  It has been nice addition to my painting.  I can put paint on it, big drops of all the colors I plan
to use for any set of minis ( since I am all about efficiency at this point ) and have the paint ready when I next get a chance to sit down and paint.  No having to get paint out, get a dry palette with my dilutions ready.  Paint is ready to go, might have to add a dilution drop next to it(since i do not use straight water, but that is for another post) to dilute my paint a bit, but other than that it is wet brush and go.  My paint has been usable for at least two weeks on my wet palette.  More than enough time to finish the 4, 6 or 8 minis I am working on at the moment. I went and purchased some specific paper from an art store, and I have used the wax/baking paper method like the one in the link.  I have found the second to be a better option for me.  The special paper still absorbs a bit of the paint, which is not a good thing since I am sometimes working with small quantities.  My current set up is a small box with lid, about 4x6 inches, a sponge and a couple layers of that special paper(needs to be used) and then wax/baking paper.

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