Sunday, December 5, 2010

2011 Spring Map Campaign Rule Discussion: Part I the Map

I. The World
I.A. The map set
I.A.1. Map tiles are hexagonal pieces that interconnect with other tiles.
There are six hexagonal mountain map tiles
There are 54 double sided hexagonal map tiles of 18 types.
I.A.2. There are 48 tile upgrade pieces
There are 6 citadel upgrades
There are 12 town upgrades
There are 12 fortress upgrades
There are 12 mine upgrades
There are 6 tower upgrades
I.A.3. There are 96 player flags in 8 colors (yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, stone, and granite).
I.B. Generating the map. All players participate in creating the campaign map. All players roll a die to establish an order, highest first and lowest roll last. Resolve ties with a roll off.
I.B.1.Take the six mountain tiles and attach them together into a ring. These tiles form the center of the map. Compile all the other tiles into a pile to be selected one at a time at random.
I.B.2. One player then take one tile at random from the stack. That player then add that tile to the map in any location he chooses with any side facing up.
I.B.3. Note the following stipulation. Rivers can only be placed with one end connecting to a mountain or to another river, and must be placed such a way that the other end of the river is not blocked by another tile. The only thing that can connect to an already placed river is another river tile or a marsh. If it is impossible to place a river then flip it to the other side and add that side to the map instead.
I.B.4. Each player takes turn placing tile till all tiles have been placed.
I.B.5. The end result is an island with surrounding ocean.
I.C. Populating the map. The order of placement is reverse of that tile selection and placement.
I.C.1. First place towns. Towns can only be placed in tiles with farms. Towns in a coastal tile are also ports.
I.C.2. Once all towns have been placed, then place fortress. Fortress cannot be placed in in swamps.
I.D. Orienting the map. The map is oriented such that there are parallel, though slightly off setting, columns of hexagonal tiles.
The left most column is denoted as “A”
Individual tile is denoted by is column designation and the number of tile down from the top most tile.

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