Monday, November 8, 2010

Review-Base Contacts Large Oval Base

So, I recently purchased the newly released LoTR cave drake from my FLGS.  While I was there I saw a base from a company that I had never heard of before, but was perfect for my new drake.  The company Base Contacts had several different styles of bases that one can choose.  I purchased the large oval rock base for $4.99.
 Size wise it is a perfect match for the large val base that comes with the drake (duh, might seem obvious but I should state that anyway).  It is also cast from a white resin, which according to the creators has a higher impact resistance.  Initial impressions were good, the bottom was flat, the sides were angled evenly as well as free from flash.  Saw a few air bubbles in two large rocks but not too bad.  The large ones in the rocks were filed to make them more integrative to the rock.  Washed it with soap and water then primed it with straight black gesso that was thinned with a little water.  Priming went well, the surface was not near (not at all) as hydrophobic as the Micro Art Studio bases that I reviewed before.  Well, the priming revealed some smaller casting bubbles that were not apparent before priming.  I was a little upset by this at first, but then I realized they will not show up once the bas is painted as they are all in the "dirt" part of the base.  That being said I hope these guys try to eliminate this kind of thing.  Now, I mentioned the price above, which I generally do not do.  But this bad boy was only 40 cents more than a standard  retail price of a GW oval base and almost 50% cheaper then a custom large oval base form other manufacturers.  Great price.  Even with the small casting irregularities this base is by far one of the best deals, bar none.  I would certainly recommend this base to anyone in the market for a product like this.  Base Contacts also has a 10 count  25mm rock base package for a great price as well.

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