Friday, August 17, 2012

New 28mm skirmish

And we have pictures, courtesy of Tabletop Fix, Those tanks are quite large! Can not wait to see the walkers.

As many of you do not  know(but it is now revealed!!!) our group has been dabbling in the Spartan Games Dystopian wars tabletop game.  We have found the models to be quite good and the game mechanics to be fun and contain a high level of player interaction.  None of this I get to move/attack/roll all my dice for 15 minutes, then you get to go.  Well, fresh out of GenCon comes Dystopian Legions.  Time will tell at the size of this skirmish game and it's mechanics.  According the the web site the armies will have access to mini-tanks, walkers, grunts and special leaders capable of....something.  If spartan games can pull off a fun mechanic, I am sure they can do the models, then I would bet they have a winner on their hands.

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  1. Yeah already trying to get! This stuff looks hawt. Im going to see if they will send me some to kit bash like Mantic does. Ill let you guys know.