Thursday, August 23, 2012

more finecast re releases for August 15th

Which should be the week after the new 40K starter box is released.  GW really seems to be pushing out these finecast conversions.

Haldir with Bow 15-Sep-12 $16.50-Unarmored with Bow
hobbits of the Shire 15-Sep-12 $19.75-Will contain Lobelia SB
Saruman the White 15-Sep-12 $16.50
Galadriel Protectress of Lothlorien 15-Sep-12 $16.50
Kings of Men 15-Sep-12 $29.75
Mauhur 15-Sep-12 $16.50
Sharky and Worm 15-Sep-12 $29.75
Corsair Bo'Sun and Captain 15-Sep-12 $24.75
Mounted Ringwraith 1 15-Sep-12 $24.75
Mounted Ringwraith 2 15-Sep-12 $24.75
Mounted Ringwraith 3 15-Sep-12 $24.75
Haradrim Hasharin 15-Sep-12 $16.50
The Three Hunters 15-Sep-12 $36.25
Shagrat 15-Sep-12 $16.50

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