Thursday, August 23, 2012

Army construction

This has been brewing in my head for a short while. Our whole gang's army list creation meta is pretty similar. We tend to be competitive so our lists are full of F4(or higher) and high defence units. We have almost completely embraced this meta with some slight variations between us. Everyone used to play a themed army centered around one of the army list from Legions of Middle Earth, we also tended to max out on bows, except Fracas, who swears they are a waste.
The new warband rules have changed the meta a little, but it has had the largest impact concerning allies.  The new rules make it easier to have rangers in your minas tirith army, or have those cheap heroes without having to worry about the ally rules that were the backbone of Legions of Middle Earth.  What I have seen it do away with is themed armies.  Now there are shades in almost every evil army, and every evil army has easy access to nazgul without having to worry about ally restrictions.  Both are a cheap and effective single model that can go to any evil army and make a significant impact.  Shade in your easterling army? Sure.  How about that Harad army? sure.  I am not really sure what to make of this yet or if it will really change the style of play in the way that the deployment rules have, we shall see.....


  1. when i started with SBG i played a theme Easterling army. It wasn't very competitive and i was told to diversify. But i've always stuck with a theme army as much as i can, whether it be fountain guards + citadel guards, or black guards, and now Khand.

    One thing i did like about WotR was the army construction with limitation on allies.

  2. But now eastern kingdoms are competitive ever since the new army books. With the upgrade to f4 they are equal to fountain guards, they have a nazgul built in to the list, leaders that are treated as a banner and access to fury. Khand may still be a bit overpriced, they are a ranger of gondor with a worse shoot value and no access to spears. Although they come with a 2hnd weapon.