Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New WoTR starter box coming?

Rumor of the day is there will be a new starter box for the Lord of The Rings games from Games Workshop. The box will contain an army from minas tirith and another army containing orcs. Orcs from somewhere, whether that is mordor(most likely) angmar or isenguard has yet to be verified.

Edit: Been told that it is a mordor army. Which means it will be an osgiliath type battle. WIth the new osgiliath terrain that makes sense.
This box is also rumored to contain new wargs, which are bigger than the current ones, whether they have riders or not has yet to be determined. Maybe wild (i.e. misty mountains) wargs are smaller than mordor/isenguard bred wargs?
Take it all with a grain of salt as this is pretty slim information.
And to you I say "Good day sir!"

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