Monday, July 26, 2010

New GW models "snap together"?

So, I was looking at what was new today, and even though it was all WFB news I read about the two geedubbs assembling their models. I was shocked to run across the phrase "even though all the models snap together".....wait, did I read that right? They SNAP together. Holy Anti-Hobby Batman! Guess I will have to wait and see the models in that kit to really determine if this is a real decline in the hobby side if GW or not.

Here is a Link to the what's new section of GW site.

It is just to make it easier for people starting the hobby to get things assembled.
Turns out a lot of the starter kits come this way, and have been this way for a while. Guess I have never really looked closely at the WFB/40K starter kits when they were on a sprue.

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