Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The joy and pain of painting miniatures....when you are 4

My daughter got into my paints this morning while I was in the shower. She did not pick up a color on my workbench(mostly greens/blues/browns) she got into my storage and picked out a purple vallejo model color (read very thick paint when used undiluted). Luckily she only painted one rohan royal gaurd(only primed but all detail was gone, it was more of a rohan royal purple blob after she was done) and one wood elf( fully painted just last night :( but she only got the arrows and the head) before I caught her. She emptied 90% of the paint bottle into various wells of my palette and destroyed one of my kolinsky brushes by crushing the brush onto my cutting mat to make stars. Nothing like puddles of purple paint to clean up, good times :).

I usually let her paint them when she asks me. I get out some mini that I am not concerned about, a palette , water and some paints. I then let her go to town with my only instruction: wash and dry your brush between colors. She usually makes a very cute multicolor randomly painted figure. I am pretty excited that she is interested. I am laughing about it now. I would have taken pics but I ran out of time.

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