Friday, June 4, 2010

Battle report-it's long

Battle report 500pts
Corsairs Vs Rohan
Played in a wooded, hilly land containing a small village that was home to a giant
Scenario-Reconnoiter: Game ends when one person is reduced to 25%, to win, a player must get more units off their opponents table edge( minor victory ) or keep them from getting any while still getting at least one off ( major victory ).

Chris deployed his Arbalesters on either end of his board edge, with dalamyr, a Bo sun, corsiars and some reavers in the middle. It went: A small contingent of pirates and 2 reavers on my left, arbalesters, Dalamyr's group, arbalesters with a corsair and arbalester captain on my right.

I deploy 5 Riders of Rohan (RoR) on my left flank while Grimbold and helminguys w/ banner go in the middle. On my right flank I had 2 RoR, 2 Riders of Eorl (RoE AKA tanks ) and Erkenbrand on horse.
We both had 37 models.

Turn one – Rohan
I moved my RoR on my left a full move forward, followed by moving the cavalry on my right forward as well. Split my main group of foot soldiers into two to get around the village. This turned out to be a blessing and a curse.
The corsairs moved straight forward.
No one shot.

Turn two-Corsairs
Chris continued straight forward, moving his middle troops into the forest.
I made a half move with my left flank RoR hoping to kill a few corsairs before charging into them. In the middle I moved to confront Dalamyr and Bosun while a small group of helminguys try and get across the table. On the right I brought the RoE and Erkenbrand close enough to start to threaten Dalamyr in the middle ( RoE move 12 inches !) while moving the RoR on that side up the table to shoot at the arbalesters.
Shooting dismounted one RoR on my left flank and one on my right.
The RoR shot like pansies and did not hit a thing, corsairs taunted “na na na na boo boo my Grandma shoots better than you”. In a post fight interview with TTGN, Grandma confirms this.
Arbalesters shoot at Erkenbrand but fate saves the wound.

Turn three-Rohan
I move to the edge of the woods in the middle to tie up Dalamyr. Grimbold moves into the woods with the banner some helminguys.
RoR on left move directly right to keep shooting at the pirates one more turn.
RoR on right move forward along with dismounted RoR. Stray helminguys keep moving across table. RoE move to forest edge.
Sneaky Sneaky corsairs move to within 6 inches of my shield wall but not the guys with the throwing weapons behind them. A captain with the arbalesters on my right moves to intercept the helminguys trying to get across the board.
In the shoot phase I kill one pirate on the left, corsair arbalesters dismount another RoR on the right while killing one helminguy in the middle with a lucky shot through the forest, on my right they kill two helminguys innocently trying to get across the board.
Helminguys wonder why the pirates are sponsored by CutCo, they soon find out why as two are downed by the sharp knives.

Turn four-Corsairs
Dalamyr charges the left flank of the helminguys in the middle. CutCo claims another two victims. A reaver and some pirates stay in the woods to intercept my RoE.
Pirates and reavers on my left move forward. Arbalesters on my left move to the right. One arbalester on my left moves forward with their captain to intercept former RoR who are coming at them.
I charge corsairs/reavers on my left with 4 RoR and one on foot. Move to contain Dalamyr's group in the middle, my TW kill one corsair as they charge middle groups left flank. Move RoE further into woods. Move erkenbrand across the board to protect the innocent helminguys trying to get off the board and to attack those arbalesters moving across the board.
Arbalesters kill erks horse.
In combat I lose 2 RoR on my left who charged, they can not win the fight, even with two attacks. One manages to kill a corsair.
Lose a lot in the middle, can’t remember total, three I think. Still can not win fights ( most of my warriors are f3, his are f4/5).

Turn-5 Corsairs
I call heroic move with Grimbold, use it to charge into the middle again to try and contain dalamyr's group. Move one RoE out of the forest to back up erk and innocent helminguys trying to get off the board. My TW are not doing to hot.
Corsairs surround the remaining RoR and rohan warriors on my left, while dalamyr's group fully engages my middle troops. Arbalester and captain on my right charge former RoR warriors again.
Move erk into contact with reaver who was trying to intercept innocent helminguys trying to get off the board. Move some middle guys to help surrounded RoR and WoR charged by corsairs and reavers on my left.
In combat I am losing 2:1.

Turn 6 Rohan ( getting fuzzy, there was a lot going on too )
Move two innocent helminguys trying to get off the board off the board. I break in the middle of this turn, but I did not realize it. Erk and RoE charge Arbalesters who were moving across the board from my left. Move former RoR away from arbalesters on right towards board edge. Move former RoR on my left into one corsair (there are still 4 corsairs and 2 reavers here), those middle guys who were sent to help on the left , to the left some more. Charge into middle group again, one RoE and Grimbold charge his left flank guys.
Most of my heroes do well in combat, still lose about 2:1 though, especially in the middle. Killed two of his arbalesters that were moving across the board with erk and RoE.

Turn 7 – Rohan
At this point I was almost at 25%, I had 2 models off the table and he had none. He was at 50%, every time he won a fight he chose not to land a blow, to keep the game going. I killed a couple of more corsairs, including another 2 arbalesters that had been moving across the board.

Turn 8- Corsair
Almost a repeat of last turn, except he moved his models on my left flank closer to the board edge and tried to ignore my models, he was close to getting five off the board.
I sent my RoE into his arbalesters on his left side and moved erk and the dismounted RoR closer to the board edge. Killed some more of his corsairs but not enough to get him to 25%.

Turn 9 Rohan
I charge his arbalesters on his left with a RoE, move erk and the former RoR closer to the edge while charging into the corsairs/dalamyr/bosun in the middle. He moves 2 models off the board edge with another 3 close behind. He does not shoot and during combat I kill another 2 of his models but any combat the corsairs win they do not strike blows.

Turn 10 Rohan
I move Erkenbrand and the former RoR off the board and that ends the game since I have less than 9 models left on the board.

Minor Victory for me. GG Maniacmime.
However, things may have been different had I remembered to start courage checks at the 50% mark, but then again, maybe not since erkenbrand would have been close enough to keep the innocent helminguys trying to get off the board on the board long enough to get off the board. On another note, corsairs are cheap, F4, D3, throwing weapon equipped warriors who cost the same as a wood elf with no equipment. Reavers are also a good buy with F5, TW and 2A. Maniacmime used no might the entire game even though I think he had 2 with a captain and 1 with Dalamyr.


  1. good report but where are the pics?

  2. Sorry, did not take pics. I have failed you master.