Friday, April 16, 2010

Ill met by moon river

Terrain: A river bend is bridged in the center and with two other crossing points on either side. The river itself was considered shallow and treated as difficult terrain.

Scenario: Ill met by moonlight. However, it was modified for a three way fight.

The forces:
Chris: from Mordor with Kardush, Morannon orc captain, more Morannon orcs and warg riders
Huan: from Gondor with fountain guards, 1 captain, 1 siege captain, fountain guards with shields, avenger and a few bowmen.
Joe: from the 2nd age with Gimli and dwarves as well as a stormcaller and wood elves

Deployment: Chris in bottom left near bend of river; Huan in bottom right also near next bend of river; Joe center top on the other side of river.

Chris advanced toward Huan as he withdraw back some; Joe advanced broadly. Shooting. Chris and Huan finally clashed near the bridge, but Chris retains access to cross bridge. Storm caller attempts to flank Huan by crossing river in the upper right while Gimli takes a more direct route across the river rather than by bridge. Surprisingly shooting by Huan takes a toll on Joe. The melee was back and forth but higher fight value and defense of the fountain guard made things difficult for Chris, but Chris held his own against Joe. Kardush amusingly sacrificed 2 orcs to maintain will power, and in turn takes out two fountain guards. By end of game, both Chris and Joe were broken.

We decided not to make it count as part of our campaign, especially since it was a three way fight.

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