Friday, April 16, 2010

Campaign Rules: Spring 2010 Season

Force Composition:
Army list is per Legion rules with regard to bow limits and allies.
A base of 1 Command Points with an additional Command Point per 150 pts of force. Host is allow to grant an additional Command Point to all players.
Command Points (CPs) allows the following as applied to your force:
For every one CP one unnamed hero selection may be taken in your force.
For every two CPs one named hero selection may be taken in your force. Nazguls will be considered named.
For every two CPs one unnamed ally hero selection may be taken in your force
For every three CPS one named ally hero selection may be taken in your force.
Note, a siege captain is considered an unnamed captain of that list.

Campaign games:
Campaign games are limited by the force composition restriction as above.
Scenario, victory condition, and game size will be determined by whoever hosts.
Each winner will be given 2 Victory Points (VPs); each tie will earn 1 VP.
The player with the highest VP total at the end of the campaign season will be the winner. A minimum of 6 games played is required before declaring yourself the winner.
Prize for winning will be a set of the new Ruins of Osgiliath.

Tactical use of VPs.
Instead of saving your VPs, you can elect to spend them in a game. Once spent, they are permanently deducted from your total VPs.
Each VP can be translated to a CP for that game and that game only. Thus if you think it will allow a victory (thus a net of 1 VP) in your game it might be worthwhile.

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