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Review-AngryMojo Games downtown Hexopolis-pictures in the future

Wanted to throw this out there since I think our group needs more posted on our little part of the internet, AKA tubes with cats.
I participated in the AngryMojo Games kickstarter.  I thought a short review should be in order. Why?  I have, over the course of the past several months received my kickstarter reward or have purchased from four different companies that offer laser cut terrain.   Look to see those other, as yet to be named, companies reviewed. Why?  See the first sentence.
I backed the downtown hexopolis from AngryMojo Games, I had been building up an Infinity army for a couple of months prior to the release of the 3rd Edition of Infinity, and wanted to be able to throw some appropriately city terrain down as well.  One of the things that I have learned so far from Infinity is that you really need a lot of terrain on the board to make the game "funner".  More pics and words after the break.

Since I was one of the last backers before the timer struck zero on the kickstarter, I was one of the last to receive my reward ( AKA purchase ).  Reading the comments on the Kickstarter page many mentioned how happy they were with their purchase.  At this point I was stoked.  I received my box of pieces, opened it up and was amazed at the amount of wood I received for a paltry $50 (as Sterling Archer says "phrasing!").  Make no doubt about it, this was a great kickstarter.  Even if one only gets what is now on AngryMojo Games hexopolis  page, you get a great deal for four buildings.
On to putting this stuff together, I will not speak much about the stretch rewards except to say that they were fairly easy to put together and were a great addition to the other buildings.  That said, there were no instructions in the box or on the web site at the time I began putting these building together, so it was up to your intrepid blogger Jobu to figure this out.  Between looking at the web site and dry fitting the pieces together it took some time to assemble things correctly, or what I can only assume is correct since it all fits together and there were no leftover pieces.  As a side note and before going on I want to commend AngryMojo games for including all the cut out pieces in a bag along with the buildings.  While one can use them to plug the holes in the buildings, I have found them immensely useful in adding some flavor and "access panels" to the stretch goals included with the kickstarter and to the buildings themselves.  I even scratch built some additional "artwork" and "access panels" to place around the table.  Now, getting back on track,  at this point I should have emailed them as asked for instructions, but being the impatient and puzzle solving person that I am, I did not.  Now, these buildings are not that easy to assemble if one uses regular white glue.  Which I tend to use, because, well, all the other laser cut terrain I have built says to use white glue.  This other terrain also fit together tighter than the AngryMojo hexopolis terrain did.
Call me a creature of habit, and a glutton for punishment, but during assembly I found that using white glue I had to hold the buildings together.  Usually with rubber bands or painters tape, in order for the buildings to stay together while the glue dried.  This is less of a problem if one uses cyanoacrylic super glue of course.  Which I did for one of the buildings.  It also helped when I placed the second floor of the building inside to help hold the building in a square shape while the glue dried.  I do not know how these are supposed to be put together, since I have not seen the instructions posted on the AngryMojo Games site yet nor did I email them.  I am sure that I found the hardest way to assemble these buildings known to man or beast.  It was frustrating, it really was.  The buildings do look great once assembled and if one is careful you can put them together in a way that allows the separate floors to be removed so one can play inside the buildings.  If one is not careful, then you can not.  It is pretty hard to beat getting four buildings, one with three floors, two with two and one single story building for US $50.  One MAY be able to get two two story buildings from other makers for that amount, but not three building and certainly not four.  I look forward to seeing what else they create later in their business venture. If you made it this far or skipped to the end:TL DR, good buildings for the money, look great once assembled, but a little hard to assemble.

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  1. Many thanks for all the kind words, my friend. I promise assembly instructions are in the massive queue of work we have in front of us.