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Scenarios for The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings

I wrote up some scenarios  for a small tournament we were running involving the use of a mercenary and the ability to buy mercenary troops.  Thought I would post them up just in case anyone wanted to get some variety in their games.  The Gandalf one needs some tweeking but is still a fun one to play, just remember to roll for his sorcerous blast and other stuff.  On another note, FTW games where we play has been taken over by a new owner and is now called Battlegrounds  We still play every thursday.  Scenarios after the jump.....

Old Man with a cart
Gandalf on cart, or a model on a 100mm base is placed in the middle of the table.  The model does not move, yet.  In order to capture Gandalf you must have 3 models in base contact with him at the start of the Gandalf move phase that are not in combat.  The player with the most models in base contact can then move Gandalf during the next turn.

Game turn goes like this 1. Roll priority 2.Move models 3.Move Gandalf  4.Fight  5.Mad as a Hatter spell dice roll.  Gandalf may be moved up to six inches in any direction if a player has three models in base contact, as the sentence above states, but I like to repeat myself so bugger off.  Gandalf can not move further than the maximum move of any model that is in base contact.  If neither player has 3 models in base contact and not in combat, Gandalf will make a 3inch move directly towards the middle of the table.  Otherwise Gandalf follows normal movement rules during this move (no heroics) with the exception that all models are moved “through” until the end of his move (see the watcher in the water rule for clarification) with the models moving him moved as well, so plan ahead.  The winner is whoever has Gandalf closer to their side of the table at the end of the turn when one army has reached 25%.
Special rules: 
Bucking horse: Anytime someone rolls a six during priority-all models in base contact with Gandalf are knocked to the ground. 
Fireworks: Any time there is a tie rolled during priority-all models within 3 inches are shot at by a strength 2 bow that hits on a 3+.
Mad as a hatter: At the end of each turn Gandalf lets you know how pissed off he is-roll a die- He gets one die and must roll a 5+, the first model that has the blast go over the models base is the target, heroes may resist. Gandalf attempts to shoot of a sorcerous blast in a random direction, roll a scatter die or roll a d6 1-forward; 2-backward; 3,4-left; 5,6-right.  He gets one die and must roll a 5+, the first model that has the blast go over the models base is the target, heroes may resist.

Deployment:  Roll a d6 Move onto the table, no charging with this move.
1-      Does not come on
2-      Opponent chooses
3-      Left edge
4-      Right edge
5-      Opposite edge
6-      Own edge

All warbands that rolled a 1 come on in the second turn as if you rolled a 6.

Ghost Grounds
There must be minimum 6 pieces of terrain on the board, 3 placed by each player anywhere on the board.  There must be five objectives on the board that are well defined, one in the center of each quadrant of the board.  Also place an objective in the middle.
Then roll for who picks a side first.  That person deploys first.
Split your army in half, place two warbands within 6 inches of  two objectives (one per warband)any other warbands are deployed at the short edge of the board(no moving yet), the rest will come on any edge on turn 2.  Your opponent does the same.  Your merc and his warband move on from any board edge the first turn and may charge.
The game ends two turns after one person has reached 50%, or their army leader is killed.
The player who has more troop bases within three inches of the objectives (all of them) wins.

Special rule:  Any troop that is killed within 6 inches of any objective may turn into a ghost.  When killed roll a d6, on a 5,6 that troop turns into a ghost and immediately attacks the unit that killed it (same stats as alive, except courage 1, cause terror, strike vs courage).  So be careful where your troop backs away after losing a fight (backing away into the six inches counts).  The ghost continues to attack its killer until the ghost dies or the attacker dies.  On the next turn after killing it’s killer, the ghosts are under the control of the person with priority, but must pass a courage test in order to move.  They do not count toward the objective.

Game Scenario
Split the long edge of the board into 6 equal sections labeled 1-6.  Roll a dice, highest roll is the attacker. The attacker must get at least 25% of his models across the board in order to win the scenario.  The attacker rolls a dice to see if his warbands are ready for deployment, on a 1-3 they are not deployed this turn, on a 4-6 they are deployed.  Roll a second die to determine WHERE deployment occurs, deploy in the appropriate zone(1-6) along the board edge.  The attacker deploys all his warbands first. The defender does the same roll for readiness but may deploy anywhere on their board edge(no second roll needed).  On each subsequent turn add +1 to the deployment roll, not the placement roll.  

Do not worry about the merc section unless you would like a secondary objective in the game


Please set up the treasures first.  Then roll for deployment.
Game scenario:
The Game scenario is to loot the battlefield.  There are 11 treasure markers on the field, one in the middle, and the other 10(2x5) to be placed by the players. Alternating turns the players distribute these treasures. They must be within 4 inches of the middle line and more than 6 inches apart.  To collect the treasure a model must be in base contact at the end of the move phase and not in combat, the next turn the player may move the model, using it's normal move rate, off the battle field with the treasure. Unless the model is killed, then the treasure is dropped.  The person with the most treasure at the end wins.  Game ends when both sides are broken or one side is wiped out.

Both teams should roll a dice and the winner should pick a table edge to deploy from.  The opposing army sets up from the opposite table edge.  The team that picked the deployment zone sets up their mercenary marker first(yes this is representing your merc, use a coin or die).  This must be placed exactly 24” in from their table edge and no closer than 10” to any side table edge or another mercenary model.  Next, the opposing team places their mercenary following the same procedure. Once mercenary models have been placed, the team that picked the deployment zone will place their army.   Models may be placed up to 6” in from the long table edge.   The opposing team then does the same, but from the opposite table edge.

Merc scenario
The mercenary marker can be moved as if it were a heavy object as described in the main rules (pg 65“moving the charge”) with the following additional rules:  your marker can ONLY be moved by models on foot from your own team (i.e. the other team cannot move your prisoner marker) and the model does not block line of sight or movement.  This marker does not count as part of your force, has no control zone and cannot be harmed in any way or targeted with spells of any kind. Models that move the merc marker off the board are removed from play along with the marker and these models will count as being removed for purposes of break tests and victory conditions.
To win the merc scenario your merc must be in control of your own army, this can be accomplished by moving the merc off the board or simply having more models within three inches than your enemy at the end of the game.   Your merc has no warband models this game.

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