Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things I have learned in the not so distant past

While playing dystopian wars you should always make every available attack, no matter how unlikely you are to succeed.    Who knows, maybe your 45 pt destroyer really can board and take over that 240 pt dreadnaught.  Which was crap...... I mean could be bad for the dreadnaught.

A five model linked team in infinity can make even a combi rifle deadly.  It makes a heavy machine gun a dealer of death.  Doing a parachute drop-in has to be some of the most fun, if least effective strategies in the game.  

It is hard to get back into painting when one has taken several months off.  Until you see all your friends newly painted miniatures.  "Cough" fracas "cough".

1 comment:

  1. That was a 65pt cruiser to be fair (And a prussian on at that!). I'd like to second the opinion however as I had my Chinese dreadnought critted in the same game by first a squadron of two frigates and then a half health cruiser. Exploding sixes never fail...