Monday, November 25, 2013

GW The Hobbit:Desolation of Smaug releases for December 7th

Here is what is coming
Link to pictures on dakka

A book at $33-probably a journey book with profiles

Plastics at $25 a pop
Really?, a PLASTIC hero in a clam pack for $25 dollars?  Better be mounted as well-no they are not, but they are standing on a log! It rolls down stairs alone or in pairs!

Plastics at $40 a pop
Palace Guards
Mirkwood Rangers
Probably still 12 to a box- aaannnndddd NO it is a box of 10.  

Finecast at $20 a pop
Thranduil King of Mirkwood
Thrain the broken
Still expensive, but should have better detail than the plastic heroes

Finecast at $25 a pop
Mirkwood Ranger Captains
Palace Guard Captains
Same as above

Finecast at $35 a pop
Mirkwood Spiders
Better be at least three spiders, will probably only be two though.  If they are big enough then they will be worth it.

Finecast at $65 a pop-Direct only
Barrels out of bounds
No idea what this is, but it is priced that same as the white council set is.

I am surprised that legolas and tauriel are plastic, where they meant to be part of something else?  $40 for 12 models in this scale is really stupid.  It is cheaper to buy dark eldar regular troops(bigger, more options) and those are some fantastic models.  

Here is an update with some hints about the rules
- Thranudil - stays the same - just base cost is 16 Moria Gobo with shield and he can buy armour and bow
- Tauriel - stats seems to be the same as Lego in armour, but she has Aragorns attack value, elven coat, bow and special rule that gives her +1A for each enemy she's fightin with(my guess that with each in base contact but thats just info), cost 19 Moria gobowith shield
- Guard Captain - stats as HE cap for 15 Moria Gobo with shields. If he's in 3" from Thranduil he get's +1F. Also bodyguard.
- Ranger Cap - cost the same as above, stats as WE cap, seems to have bow and TW, the same rule as Tauriel but only 3 attack(dunno if only +3, or total max 3)
- Palace Guard - cost the same Ghaladrim pics - stats as HE and the same special rule as their cap
- Ranger - the same cost as erebor with shield, and the same rule as their cap, dunno whats their eqipment.
Special rules of the Mirkwood AL - if the Lider is Thranduil, Lego or Tauriel then can have 100% bows
- Beorn - Dwalin stats but Dale Man with shield defence value and Glorf like M/W/F. He's resistant to magic, burly and fearless and woodland creature. Costs as Gulavhar. He can change into bear on 4+ in his move(model is on 60mm base and seems to be nice - pic in book). In bear form the same Wounds and M/W/F, the same special rules + terror, but rest of stats change into Threebeards. Elf Gero Courage value and Move 8"(as a bear). In this bear form he dosn't have SF, and his heroics are only his. Has special BPA - when he wins he can strike with S10 - if it wound's(enemy won't fury/fate it) he cas strike again with S10 and so on. Radagast Alliance AL.
- Thrain the broken - cost as WE with bow and spear - low stats - F dwarf like, S Hobbit like, C Orc Captain like and on every start of turn he's to pass C test. If he pass it it's ok, if he pass it twice(dunno I just translate from polish) he's got +2 to A,S,F values, but if he fails he acts like a enemy model.
- Bard - cost as full no-name nazgul on horse - stats simillar to Lego(my source don't remeber fully) and he's got a great bow. If he shoot and kill he can shoot again to the target in 3" from the last one - up to three times. Black arrow - ones a game - can reroll to hit, ITW and to wound.
- Dale hero that hac +1 on wounding flaying monster(my guess Girion)
- some lake town hero who costs 4 MG with shield that has Aragons Will value wills - for each will he can regive some hero(dunno the radius) might - on 6 k3 mights, 2-6 one might point, 1 nth
- some new Dale(laketown?) troops
- Yaznag - seems to have bad stat line - he's 10 Gobo with shield, can have lance. He's special rule - if there is Azog in the same army, then the pale orc can kill yaznag and pass all C tests, and him and rest of heros can rerolls missed to wound rolls.
- Gundabad Orcs(pic are supposed to be in book) - cost as erebor with shield, have S4, can buy pic and shiels(dunno if in combination). Special rule the same as Blackshield gobo
- Spiders - cost as 5 Gobo with shield - F as gobo, S and D as Dale man with shield D value and Elf Cap A value. Not a monster, can split poison(dunno how that works) on 4+. The warband doesn't have to contain a hero(don;t know if there is any)


  1. The pictures and prices are all up on the site now. Two spiders to a pack i'm fairly sure. Barrels out of Bond is a direct only modeling of the company in barrels; well done but just a collector's piece. Also, its been confirmed that theres a new model for Bolg coming out for the movie, so the previous one is now 'Gundabad Orc General.'

  2. I wonder is Chris H knows that yet? He has the model.

  3. The elf rangers look good. I'm really stuck on the warriors of Dale, though. I think they have a great look.