Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good overview of Dystopian Legions and Hobbit SBG

Here is the link.

Our group has really enjoyed Dystopian Wars, I hope to view a game of the skirmish based Dystopian Legions one day.  There seems to be a great deal of depth ( i.e. complexity...I mean come on, it uses 3 different colors of dice!) especially when cards get involved.  That is not a bad thing but it can put a bit of a barrier between newbs picking up the game when there are none around to give demos.

GW has released updated FAQ's for The Hobbit ( that was fast) as well as the older Army Codices
Here, just click on the left hand side menu.
A couple of interesting things.
Riders of Rohan no longer count toward bow limit!
Same thing for the Rivendell knights.

Still pretty upset over the cost of the new hardcover rulebook.  Smaller than all the other core game systems and really filled with some obvious fluff.  There is a section that is just pictures of minis, no new pics, just copied and pasted into a section.  The hobby section is also really really lacking, nothing about building terrain and a very limited number of painting examples.
$85 for this?  Come on GW.  Your raising prices all the time, while your sales are going down.  Coincidence? I think not.  People are really not seeing the value in your miniatures, especially finecast.  You make great mini's GW, you really do, but the cost of finecast along with it's quality problems as well as the constant price increases on everything else are driving people away from your products.  There is a lot more competition in the table top gaming business.  You will not win in the direction you are going.  Low Price, quality, quantity.....pick two.   I really only see you, GW, picking one.

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