Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Since we are in the rumor business-update-update again

The reboxing of mini's has been essentially confirmed.  Multiple sources citing an email from GW.  GW stores have been requested to make space for more LoTR inventory.  I am truly curious to see the new packaging and how that will coincide with a new/updated rule set.  Others have pointed out that the repackaging will make WoTR  more expensive.  Current plastics come on sprues that contain 4 shield/hand weapon, 4 bow and 4 spear/2 handed or some similar combo of 4/4/4(except harad and fighting uruk hai).  What will future plastics be?  If one follows the WoTR rule of common formations being plastic, then we can speculate the following to become plastic at some point: IMHO of course

Most Likely
Knight of Dol Amroth on foot
Men at arms of Dol Amroth
Citadel Guards( mix of bow/spear?)
Rohan Royal Knights( mounted rohan royal guard?)
New High Elves( including knights perhaps?)
Great Eagle
Mordor Uruk Hai
Wild Men/men of carn dum
New warg riders
giant spiders

Easterling Kataphrakt
haradrim raider

Less Likely
Warriors of Arnor
Numenorean archers
Rohan Royal Knights/guard on foot
Orc Trackers

Serpent Rider/guard
Khandish Mercenary

Which may seem like a lot but there have not been any new release in over a year.

This one seemed juicy
Newest rumor about the new rulebook due next month along with repackaging for The Hobbit Movie release.......
There must be a constant ratio of heroes:troops.  This may vary by army, or it may not.  WE LOVE UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMORS WWWWWEEEEEEEEEE.

And yet we have MORE.....Games Workshop Price Increase and cutting box numbers!
Boxes of plastic infantry will be cut in half(i.e. 1 sprue per box instead of 2), and the price will go up per sprue by about 35%.  Example, a box of 24 dwarves currently is $33, a "repackaged" box of 12 dwarves would be $22, making 24 cost $44, a 33% price increase!!

At the moment I am not sure if this is true, however let me express my regrets for Games Workshop customers if this does turn out to be true.  I will certainly avoid purchasing Games Workshop boxed infantry for The Hobbit Movie.  There are plenty of alternatives available: Wargames Factory, Mantic, Gripping Beast, reaper, Red Box, caesar miniatures, and megaminis(classic grenadier for @1.50 per metal mini).

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