Monday, February 14, 2011

UK Grand Tournament 2011 Winners and armies updated 3-10-2011

I will edit this to include as many army lists as possible

1st. Mikolaj bakalarz  - gondor and Harad
18 Guards of the Fountain Court with Shield
2 Guards of the Fountain Court
10 Citadel Guard with Spear and Longbow

2 Rangers of the North
8 Rangers of Arnor with Spear

2 Rohan Outriders
Golden King
Shadow Lord on Horse
18 Corsairs with Shield
18 Haradrim with Spear
11 Haradrim with Bow and Spear
10 Haradrim with Bow
6 Haradrim Riders with Warspears

2nd. Tom Moore  - high elves and mordor
Twins on Horses, Heavy Armour, Bows
13 Elves, Heavy Armour, Shield
12 Elves, Bows, Spears
7 Elves, Shield, Spear
6 Elves, Shield
1 Elf, Bow

Shadow Lord, Horse
Nazgul 2/8/1, Horse
Spider Queen
Orc Taskmaster
17 Morannon Orcs, Shields
18 Orcs, Shield, Spear
8 Orc Trackers
7 Orcs with Bow and Spear

3rd. Simon grant - wood elves and mumak and 2 fellbeasts
Legolas, Haldir, Wood Elves (exact list unknown)
Mumak, Tusk Weapons, Gnarled Hide
Khamul on Fell Beast
Knight of Umbar on Fell Beast

4th. Jamie goblin- Wood elves and moria
5th. Craig ?  -Arnor and Harad.

Glorfindel lord of the west on horse 
Elladan and Elrohir with armour, bows and horses 
Dunedain with spear 
34 Warriors of Arnor
17 Hobbit Archers 

WitchKing 2/10/2
Harad Chief wiht bow
19 Corsair with shield
19 Corsair with shield and spear
19 Harad bows, 3 with spear.

6th. Nick Jones-  Wood elves and mordor.
7th. Charles simms- Galadhrim and mordor.
8th. Jay Clare- Galadhrim and moria
9th. Michael Tetley-Gondor and moria.
10th. Chris Jones- Wood elves and mordor.