Sunday, February 6, 2011

Instant Mold quick project

So as I said last week I purchased some Instant Mold from Cool Mini or Not.  Here are the results from a quick, and I mean quick grab whatever I had on my desk and try to make a mold in 15 minutes quick.  This stuff really is pretty easy to work with.  I placed the sticks I received in 208 degree water for about 5 minutes, pulled it out with a sculpting tool and flattened it with my fingers.  Then proceeded to push these pieces into the flattened mold.  Waited for the Instant Mold to cool ( couple of minutes),  I then pulled out the object. Using  green Milliput I pressed it into the mold to make the copy.  I used two separate bases to make molds, one was simple and another was complex , to get an idea of what this stuff was capable of.  Also one of a Rohan Royal Guard arm bit like the gun they did in the video.  Overall, this stuff is easy to use and really does recycle.  I tried it and yes it does work when you heat it up again and remold, the arm bit is proof of that.  So two thumbs up from me.
Here is a second batch.


  1. Not having to mix up anything and being able to just use hot water to remold makes this really easy to do, it is nifty how much detail you can get. It will be nice to see what kind of other things people will do with this stuff.