Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Super Secret SBG rules for new releases

Thanks once again goes out to grashnar the second from the last alliance. Clarifications in bold

Faramir is a lot stronger(more attacks, wounds and defense), but overpriced(same as a troll drummer). He has an extended stand fast.
Duinhir ignores difficult terrain and causes D3 wounds with shooting against monsters rather than 1.
Blackroot Vale archers have a separate entry. They are basically rangers with lower Fight and Courage, but get to re-roll wounds against monsters when shooting. They do not carry longbows and cannot carry spears. They cost the same as regular Rangers.
Mauhur and his Marauders ignore difficult terrain and move 7".(like Helmingas they cost 1 extra point)
The Dwimmerlaik has a two-handed sword and forces heroes to spend another Might, Will or Fate on a 4+ or their action fails and any MWF comitted is lost.
The drummer does not get rules. Morgul Knights do not get banners.

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