Sunday, October 13, 2013

DW campaign season 1: 2013

Each player starts with 3000 points of naval and air units. The player does not need to be able to field all his model on his force roster for the campaign but will need to be able to field what is needed for battles (games).
Force roster format:
Campaign turn #
Each ship: name, class, current hull points and planned Action for the turn
Each player should maintain a copy of each turn force roster for the game records. If desired, they could be hosted on

Battle. The model is available to field in a table top game against another player. Most games will be 500-1000 points per side. Uneven matches are acceptable and VPs will be adjusted by ratio of opponent's forces to own force fielded.
Convoy. A squadron of 3 small models is assigned to protect the supply lines. 
Port. The model is in port for repair. Depending on available Resource Points, a model can regain lost hull points. Per model: one Resource Point can rebuild one lost hull point per turn, three Resource Points can rebuild two lost hull points per turn, five Resource Points can rebuild three lost hull points per turn.
Raid. A squadron of 2 medium models or one large model is assigned to raid enemy supply lines. The player to be raided must be designated. Multiple raiding squadrons can be assigned against a single or multiple opponents.
Destroyed. The model is permanently eliminated from the campaign. However, the model and its status as destroyed should be maintained on the roster for game record purpose.

REINFORCEMENT: whenever a player's force roster falls below 1500 points, roll a D6. On a "6" three small models are added to the roster; roll another D6. On a second "6" 2 medium models are added to the roster; roll another D6. On a third "6" a large or massive is added to the roster. Reinforcement is the only way new models can be added to the force roster.

RESOURCE POINTS: each turn a player may repair 6 hull points every campaign turn. The total is modified as below:
+2 if the player achieved a decisive victory that campaign turn (100% more enemy points destroyed than lost).
+1 if the player achieved a marginal victory that campaign turn (more enemy points destroyed than lost).
- Raids and Convoy outcome.
1/2 of prized models' starting hull points 
All tokens are automatically replenished and all critical hits are repaired without resource points expenditures.
A player's Resource points will always be a minimum of one per turn.
Up to 6 Resource points can be saved from turn to turn.

RAIDS & CONVOY: raids and convoy actions are resolved before the game to be played that campaign turn.
1. For each raiding squadron against an opponent the raiding players rolls a D6: a roll of 4 or 5 is a single hit and a 6 is two and allows an additional roll.  Total the raiding hits. For each submersible squadron raiding a bonus of one additional hit is added to the raiding total (thus a minimum of one).
2. The defending player rolls a D6 for each convoy squadron: a roll of 4 or 5 is a single hit and a 6 is two but does not allows an additional roll. Total the convoy hits. Each convoy squadron gets to defend against each raiding players (raiding players rather than raiding squadron).
3. For every hits the raiding player has over the defending convoy hits, the defending player's total available resource points is reduced by the same amount for the next turn. 

The campaign ends after: 
~ a minimum of 6 campaign turns has passed
~ when the majority of the players decide (which may be longer than 6 campaign turns)
~ when one player has been eliminated
The player with the most Victory Points win (2 for each major victory, 1 for each minor victory). Ties are decided by the player with the largest remaining force roster points.

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