Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cave Drake Is Done

It is done, but I am not really that thrilled with the finished product.  To me it looks ok, but I think the deep blue/purple really hides a lot.  I also had to fix the belly as it was to be painted red in the original color scheme I had in mind but I changed it after the first coat.  See the pics.

The Colors used on the main body of the drake : necron abys (GW) with a heavy wash of the GW purple wash, followed by dry brushing with Vallejo Model Color Purple with white added for the highlights.  The tongue was base coated with a thin layer of Vallejo Game color ultramarine blue and highlighted with magic blue adding white in small amounts.


  1. Do you have the original colour scheme for the cave drake? I just finished my dragon (see http://lotrcollection.blogspot.com/) in an similar pattern. However, I do like the purplish colours you're using)

  2. I will edit the post to include the colors.