Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Galadriel Done

Finally,  Here are the colors:
Face/skin-base coat GW Tallarn flesh and highlights with increasing GW Elf Flesh, lips were the slightest amount of Vallejo Vermillion.
Dress-base coat white, then Vallejo Flat Aluminum (like GW space wolfs grey ), washed with dilute GW Fenris Grey and drybrushed with Windsor and Newton Titanium White.
Armor-Base Boltgun metal, shade with dilute Vallejo Black, highlight with GW Mithril Silver
Hair-Base of GW Iyanden Darkson, highlights adding Vallejo Sand Yellow then adding a little WN titanium White for the final highlight.
Had a lot of trouble with the dress, no matter what I did I kept getting air bubbles in the recess areas with the Flat Aluminum and white layers that I could not eliminate.  Which is why I washed the dress part and did not apply shading with layers.  This is probably the best face I have done so far.  Faces are hard. :)
The Base is a mix of GW sand, Medium and Fine Talus from Woodland Scenics.  Topped with GF-9 Winter Grass and then an Army Builder Swamp Tuft.