Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Citadel Finecast

So, now that they have come out, anyone have real strong opinions?
I know that I like the movement to 4 models per pack in the LoTR line.  We will not have to buy 8 blisters(anymore) to get an even amount for WoTR movement trays.  2 packs per company for elites is pretty reasonable.   I have seen some pretty bad miscasts but I think those will become fewer and fewer as GW catch up with demand and QA picks up, but maybe I am wrong.  You can check out Warseer and BoLS for a great number of fincast pics.


  1. i just hope the pieces glue together easier than the metal parts

  2. Well, having just put together and pinning a Gulvhar I can tell you those metal wings are no picnic. Nor were his arms. Same can be said for Burhdur, it is a problem with the larger metal models. Hell, even the cave drake was a huge pain, mostly due to the legs, if they were plastic it would have been easier.