Friday, January 14, 2011

A Games LoTR scramble rules-10am Sunday the 16th

Lord of the Rings Scramble - 200 points
• Normal Rules apply
• 33% bow limit

• Each player rolls a D3 for their own mission:
1. To Kill a King - Pick a friendly hero. If this hero dies or flees, then your opponent is successful.
2. Treasure Hunt - Light Object in center of board. Retrieve object and bring it to your deployment zone to be successful.
3. Reconnoiter - Have 25% of your force in the enemy deployment zone to be successful.

• Dice off to setup first. Winner's choice.
• Dice off to go first. Winner's choice.

Tournament Length: 
• 4 rounds
• Opponents are chosen randomly each round.

Tournament Scoring:
• 15 Battlepoints for a win
• 10 Battlepoints for a tie
• 5 Battlepoints for a loss



  1. It is Sunday and I am trying to parlee my way into going but the girl is on call this weekend.