Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deconstructing LOTR SBG- point values

I've played around with the numbers and values for average warriors some and have come up with the following:

The basic warrior profile for SBG costs 5 points and has Fight skill 3, Str 3, Def 3, A 1, W1, C3 and move of 6, basic hand weapon.
Analysis after the break----

To deviate from these numbers-

Fight skill- costs 1/2 point value per full point of fight skill added.
Strength- add or subtract 1 point for each point of str changed
Defense- costs a point to add a point.
Courage- costs 1/2 point value for model to add full point of courage.
Regular bows- cost a point
Elf bows cost 2 points
Losing the option to take a shield deducts 1/2 a point
Adding a shield costs a full point.
having a shooting skill < 4 costs 1/2 point, while adding skill above 4 deducts 1/2 a point

Given this system, there are some relative bargains out there because models are often undervalued by a half point. Knowing this system then, allows you to select models that the most cost effective for your army.

E.g compare a standard harad warrior vs. a warrior of rohan. They have the EXACT SAME stats. So why does a warrior of rohan cost 6 point and the harad cost only 5? The answer if because the rohan warrior can take a shield while the harad can't. If you ask me, so what, but the game designers thought it was important. So, Harad should crush Rohan because they will have on average 20% more guys in their army compared Rohan.

having said that, some of the most cost efficient model work out to be Morannon orcs, elves and harad.


  1. Thanks for the analysis but I still do nor think +2 fight is same as +1 defense points wise. Even if chances of kill is reduced with higher defense it doesn't account for being pushed back an inch of being knocked down.

  2. In the harad example one has to remember that harad has access to spear support and the poison arrow special rule. While rohan has access to throwing weapons on rank and file warriors not just shields. So are those throwing weapons worth 2 points? Meh, getting a strength 3 shot before combat but only one dice to roll for combat? Probably not for rohan.

  3. not comparing different armies but different stats when it comes to points cost. a warrior with F5 S3 D3 A1 C3 should be worth much more than a warrior with F3 S3 D4 A1 C3

  4. I think the difference in Fight value is what leads to some matchups being more lopsided than others. A F5 elven army does better against F4 armies because points were spent to get that extra increase in fight value but it does them no good. On the other hand, F5 elves may fair worse against F2 goblins because they are so much cheaper and have such greater numbers and the F5 against a goblin is no better than if they had been F3.

    Huan's example is interesting. 10 F5 S3 D3 warriors in one on one match ups against 10 F3 S3 D4 lead to the same number of kills for each side per turn...

    I look at this analysis as one wayto explain why Rohan just seems to have a tougher time of it that other factions in winning the average scenario. Rohans, throwing weapons help perhaps, IF you have the Banner of Rohan in your force and are always able to take call heroic moves and actually use them. I think Helmingas and the Strength 4 modification that comes with him for avg warriors was an attempt at evening the odds for Rohan.
    Also, why are dwarves so damn tough? because they move 5 inches and so are a full point cheaper than everybody else but have the same or better combat stats (F,S,D).