Saturday, January 30, 2010

BFG 2010.01.28

some thought s about last night's game

1. hope everyone enjoyed the game enough for a future repeat
2. though imperials won, we fielded about 1300 pts to chaos/necron 1100 pts. i would say we tied.
3. all special orders should have been declared in the beginning of the movement phase
4. brace for impact should be declared before any dice are rolled (attacking or defending as in turrets)
5. necron lightning arc uses the gunnery table to determine the # of dice to roll to hit (all targets are closing)
6. necron gauss particle weapons are lances (4+ to hit) with a roll of 6 ignoring shields
7. for each strength of portals a necron ship has, an additional teleport attack can be made. Each scythes can thus make 3 attacks per turn.
8. imperial lunar cruisers can exchange prow torpedoes for prow nova cannons for +20 pts per ship

BFG Scenario Rules.

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